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Upgrading graphic card from integrated

I would like to get a new video card so that i would be able to play some decent games for a change.
I know that graphic cards go on the PCI slot on the motherboard, but I have a question.
Can I just buy a new graphic card and plug it in? I currently have integrated Intel 82865 Graphics Controller.
Would it work just like that after I plug it in?
well, PCI is not used for videocards for a lot of years.
How old is your PC? Do you have a PCIe or AGP slot?
If you don't know, take the PC to a computershop since it's not that simple.
Yeah, what sketchup said. I have a computer sitting around with the graphics controller with only PCI slots. By the age of that integrated chip, PCI-E is not likely, but AGP is possible. Just open up your computer and look for the expansion cards. White ones are usually PCI and brown ones are usually AGP. I've also seen AGP slots that are green. Anyhow, what computer do you have?
The AGP colour coding is non standard. It can be red, green or brown... whatever the manufacturer wants it to be... To make it slightly easier... it's always the first slot below/after the Processor and will always be different in colour from the PCI slots. THe other slots after the AGP is usually PCI, unless you have a really old motherboard that support that ISA slot... can't even remember the full name anymore. If your mobo has it, it'll b the last slot available. If your mobo just has PCI slots... i doubt you can still find a PCI graphics card... even if you can... it'll probably be like a 2MB graphic card Confused

As far as I've experienced, AGP cards are all plug n play. Just slot it in, change the monitor cable to your new AGP card and turn on your computer. Once booted, you can update the relevant video drivers etc. The only possible conflict I can think of is that your AGP may not display on certain TFT monitors. Happened to me a few times but usually not a problem using analog display.
No matter what graphic you have to use you need to install the graphic drivers for it, or you will have very limited use of your system.
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