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Insurance Victory !!!!

In India, the single largest public entity - LIC, India's best brand LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) has started issuing LIC Policies to Prostitutes. Though, the policy won't change much of their things in their life, it is just a step ahead for legal recognition of sex work. It is to be noted that Prostitution is illelegal in India and often prostitutes were known to be harrassed by cops and local goondas. Over the last month around 250 sex workers in the city have been given life insurance policies by the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India.

And the fact remains same that people are pushed into Prostitution mainly because of poverty.

Keep Smiling !!!! - Keep living !!!

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Thats ridiculous, thats like offering life insurance for gang members and drug dealers.

I feel horrible for these women and girls that are forced into lives like that but it doesn't make it right. Things need to be done to correct the problem not just ignore it or accept it.

I bet the life insurance policies go their pimps upon death. Great idea! Not!!
First, India should attempt to regulate the industry before they even think about handing out insurance. Legal prostitution or escort services are strongly regulated in Las Vegas with a licensing procedure and regularly scheduled health examinations.

Once it is somewhat controlled and observable should they offer health insurance to them.
I have to agree with roninmedia. It should be regulated and legalized first. It's never a good idea to be worth more dead than alive, especially when you are mixed up with the shady underbelly of society.

I do think prostitution should be legalized... a woman's body is hers to do with as she pleases, and if she wants to make money with it, that should be her prerogative. But it does need regulating - some way to make sure the women are healthy and are in the business of their own free will. Licensing with monthly health checks shouldn't be too hard to implement.

It is called the oldest profession for a reason, and prostitution will probably always be around (as long as there are people who can't get dates, there will be a market for sex-for-hire). Criminalizing it is foolish in my opinion, it only opens the way for criminals to capitalize on it.

It's time the world dumped it's prudish "Victorian Sensibilities" (and yes, I know, some of the steamiest erotic writing came from that era, but it doesn't change the fact that they were prim and proper on the outside and the biggest hypocrites ever), and move our laws into the 21st century.

For those who don't approve of sex for money -- look at it this way: it will always be there. Doesn't it make more sense to recognize this fact and stop pushing it into the shadows. We need to bring it into the light so that it will no longer be a breeding ground for slavery, disease, and cruelty.
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