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A Good Web Host

I am looking for a good web host since my dad just canceled his web hosting and they charged $20 for 100MB space so I am wondering what you recommend. I am looking for about $5 or less if there are good ones in that range.

I was looking at 1&1 Hosting and it is cheap but i have heard some bad stuff about them on some forums, I guess not everybody is happy with a company but what service do you use or recommend?

Also I was thinking with a host like 1&1 I could use it myself since they give you 10Gb of space or more but I noticed they only have MS SQL for the Business one on MS Hosting but Linux Hosting has it at beginner so if 1&1 is good would you recommend Linux over MS?

FriHost is hosted on a Linux server right?

Thanks for any help Smile
Im srry but we arent sopposed to post links to other hosts..
I removed the link, sorry about that.
Yes, Frihost is hosted on Linux servers (Centos). I personally would recommend Linux over Windows hosting.
Well, to be honest, you can talk about paid web-hosts to help each other out if you want.
But please make sure that no one mentions a free webhost, and in case someone does, please report that post.
I would go ahead and recommend BlueFur hosting. I've been using it for quite some time now and it is reliable. Also, bluehost seems to be another good host as I've had nice reviews about it from friends who use it.
I am with lunarpages,and the shared server is very cheap and offer massive amounts of space and bandwidth (1500 gb storage 15000 gb bandwidth) but you could never get to use all that storage and bandwidth on the shard server as they don't mention the limited amount of memory your site is allowed to use,i have been suspended twice,and my site isnt exactly high traffic,your supposedly allowed up to 10 domains,but i have had to take off 3 domains just to keep my account active,so im left with only one.

Basically if they see you get a degree of traffic,they send you a high cpu notice,with a not so subtle hint for you to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server.

So as cheap as it is,i would steer clear of lunarpages.
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