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Getting error on ODBC driver

I installed MySQL ODBC driver on my machine in order to create interactive programs in delphi that use the database on my website, but for some reason I cannot get it to work.

Me suspects older version of MySQL not compatible with MySQL ODBC driver 5.1

This is the error code I get: Undefined system variable "charater_set_results"

I have checked my database and sure enough this variable is not listed amung the system variables, hence, my guess being that the version of MySQL is not compatible with ODBC driver I'm trying to use.

Any help on this subject is greatly appriciated!!
lol, no one cares!! I feel like a lone explorer out past where everyone is willing to go here.

Doesn't anyone have any advice, or know what's happening here? I need help!

I need a louis to my clark!! HAHA!
maybe you should post on the mysql forums or give more info, like what version of mysql do you have installed, or what os are you using.
I'm hosted with Frihost, so the mysql version is whatever is on server 2

ODBC driver version 5+

I can use older versions of the ODBC driver, and probably will revert to doing that even though there is a bug in the datetime function for mysql in it. I'll just handle the date/time in code.
that mysql version should be upgraded , Bondings already knows that.
Not sure how long that will take though.
I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to reply to this post! For starters I thought this was the PHP and MYSQL forum, but I guess there is just a MYSQL forum where I should have posted.

Anyway, I'm still curious about this project, but what I am experiencing is a real drag.

Thanks for your help guys!! Bondings is pretty good about upgrades, so I probably won't have to wait long. He might not have the updates the day of release, but he usually always gets them within a year or two. lol!! Just kidding, I'll ask him.

So, thanks for your help, but I guess I am just going to have to downgrade to an older version in order to get started with my program, but I will try and get the ball rolling to get the MySQL on server 2 updated sometime soon.

This topic can be closed!! I just read a note from bondings that server 2 had been upgraded to mysql 5. That's awesome, and totally answers my question, and now I get to play with that project again!!! yeah!!

So this topic is now obsol33t3! We have an awesome sys admin, Bondings, do we not?!?!?! I knew he'd be on top of this before anyone could really help me work it out. He always does and awesome job of version control so we don't have to!!
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