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How many people have heard of SVG?

The "VG" stands for vector graphics and is available for all browsers.
This is the equivalent of "Open Source" software that can deliver "Rich Web Content"

When you build websites a critical aspect has always been the prettier the better. Of course every year these standards get harder and harder to achieve especially using open source (HTML, CSS etc)

Did you know that you can write an equivalent to your HTML page? Very Happy
I have created some SVG complex geometric shapes and objects using Inkscape.
I'm just downloading inkscape.
Although I need to know how to build these from scratch i will use the editor and extend the svg files it creates.

Have you put anything on the web you created in svg?
No I had never really heard of them, i have seen the extension in some place but never really new what it was. Read some stuff on wikipedia, seem like its useful.
I've heard of it, but never done anything with it. Does anyone know of a quality resource to find out about using SVG graphics in their websites?
W3schools has a basic introduction to it. Its probly abit dated, but its not bad just for starters.
I don't find them very useful for webdesign, but they're useful as source files for images based on simple vectors (e.g. logos). An SVG can be opened and edited by a vector graphical editor like Inkscape, while a bitmap can only be edited pixel-by-pixel or based on algorithms.
I have not created any SVG graphics, but know a few things about... its rumored to be a integral part of Web 3.0 and will be widely supported by all.

I think wikipedia has started using svg formated images for computer generated images.

The best part of SVG is the 'scalable'.. i can keep zooming the image and study minute details... Smile
I've heard of SVG... I just wish I am better at drawing with the "pen".
Look up in Wikipedia for details since they're switching to them
misterXY wrote:
Look up in Wikipedia for details since they're switching to them

Does the new IE version support it? I think they didn't use it before because of the incompatibility with major browsers.
Default Firefox browser has support for it. I've heard of SVG, it's really cool that it's becoming a web standard Smile Wikipedia is already using it.
{name here}
I've played with SVG before and I really love vectors because they can scale to infinite sizes. I've found that trying to draw them is a lot more challenging, however. I have never made a vector artwork that I've been quite satisfied with.
^I like the infinite scaling part too. Very Happy

chasbeen: I haven't uploaded my files because they were simple tests. :p You may see some nice samples of vector images made by people from my country here: Inkscape Brasil.
i've used them a bit, mostly to create easily scalable logos and such, they also make it easier to edit an image without losing any image quality (as with a jpeg).
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