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Asian drama?

Anyone here that watches asian drama? Haven't watched them in ages, but since I'm free now, I'm going to catch up on some of them. Korean dramas the best. Full House (and no not the American version) is one of the best and most famous Korean drama there is. Haven't watched all of them but going to very soon. They have a few series.

Anyways, name a few asian dramas that you've watched before; whether it be Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. Hope a similar topic hasn't been created before.
Gokusen - Very funny with an attractive lead. Think of it as Great Teacher Onizuka but with a female teacher. Based on the a manga and animated series.

Great Teacher Onizuka - One of the highest rated dramas in recent times. I believe the final episode was the highest rated wise at least in that time slot of TV Tokyo. I admit it was good but I don't see it as that great.

1 Litre of Tears - Based on a true story. It's about the story of the girl who comes down with a disease and her struggles to adapt to it. It is sad as you can tell by the title.

Hana No Yori Dango - Based on the shoujo series. I felt the first episode was the best and it went downhill from there.

I also recomment H2. It's based on works by Adachi. Adachi tends to write great mangas but his artwork is pretty bad. The drama gets around this.
Cool, I'll give those a shot once I'm done mine.
Well... i am a huge fan of Asian drama series...mostly Korean series..What I love about it, is that almost all of their tv series has a good ending...well even if some of them ends tragically.But still it's good...right now I'm into the Coffee Prince Craze...the story is really really good...and the lead guy is so case you want to know his name...he's Gong Yoo...right now he's fulfilling his mandatory military service"sigh"..well guest have to wait for him in 2 yrs...if you want to know more about korean drama series or actors...just feel free to ask...okie...
I'm a huge fan of Japanese dramas. I watch Korean dramas too, but I'm more into Japanese ones.

Some Jdramas I recommend:

Gokusen & Great Teacher Onizuka - just like what roninmedia said, this is very funny and also interesting to watch.

1 Litre of Tears - I can't put into words how much I love this jdrama. I lend this drama to friends who have never watched any Jdrama. It's pretty good for a starter. A GREAT TEARJERKER. inspiring too.

Orange Days - romance drama. This is one of my favorite dramas ever. It's about a violinist who lost her sense of hearing and so had to quit playing the violin. The story revolves around her and her friends. touching and sweet.

I'd recommend Full house but you already watched so,

I haven't watched much but the ones I really liked are: Coffee Prince (very funny and cute), My Girl, and All About Eve (this drama had the most convincing antagonist, in my opinion. oh how I always wanted to slap her. really sweet drama).
I watched a few Korean ones back when I was still at my university. I have also watched Full House like the original poster. I only watched a few others, of the ones that I remeber I watched "Stairway to Heaven" and "Love Story in Harvard", only cuase Kim Tae Hui is so hot.

I haven't watched any Japanese Dramas, but if someone can suggest something new and good, I'll be willing to try.
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