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Browser compatibility table &

Hi there,

I'm the founder of It's my OWN PLACE at the web! I recently completely redesigned it for the new version of WordPress. (My previous design totally broke the site...) Do you like it?

Some things you should know about
- It's my own theme.
- There are no CSS or XHTML hacks used.
- The site isn't wider than 800px. (I made it on a 20" and 15" screen) So you don't have to scroll if you have a small screen. And You have a lot of space on the left and the right of the screen. That gives a good feeling.
- I tried to make it as accessible as possible.
- It's a lightweight design. For example it's lighter than the default theme of WordPress!
(There are probably a few things I haven't mentioned.)

Do you like it? Is there someone which has a great idea for this site? What's wrong with it?

Oh, by the way, take a look at the tap 'resources' on my site.

Cya, Melle

PS: I passed Frih$600!!!!
Despite being lightweight, it's very appealing to look at!

I like the striped colours idea, quite original I think.
Keep it up!

Thank you!

Now I'm going to write something about my compatibility tables. Take a look at the project page:

Please say something about it. Take a look at the demo.

It's my target to get a new standard in the webworld. Everyone should say in which browsers the script works as it should be. Wink

And it's not hard to test anymore.
Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, 7 - Rendering Presto Engine
Firefox 2.x - Gecko Rendering Engine
Opera 7.x - 9.x - Opera Rendering Engine
Safari (for Windows) or Konqueror (for Linux) - Webkit Rendering Engine

Please read the project page for more information. Wink
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