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Forum Fights

Yeah so i know the happen.
These little "forum fights".
I was just curious as to how many people actually participate in them.
and if you actutally know your doing it.
and what the funniest or most interesting dispute you have been in.
Forum fights as in flame wars or debates?
I don't think I have actually ever done it. If someone disagrees with me then that is there choice they are entitled to their own opinion as so am I.
I once got into a minor fight in another forum about pornography ...

I said it was disgusting but so many disagreed with me ... Shocked
yea there are some WEIRD people out there who find the most disgusting stuff. sexy.
I try to avoid people like that lol
Well, I really try to avoid forum debates (and not because I'm a moderator), because IMO you can't really have a proper debate online. Well, maybe you can, but I prefer doing it face to face.

Now about flame wars, that's worse. I'm here to make them go away if they appear though Wink

TiffanyTerrorXO, if you're talking about debates, go to our philosophy forum Laughing
You'll find proper examples there...
I'll fight you. Come on, in the ring, right now.
I usually stay out of forum arguments. They're fun to watch, sometimes, if they don't get too long. If something I say gets contested, I make sure I have my facts straight so I can get it over with quickly, or if I'm wrong I'll concede defeat. It's not that hard.
I normally don't waste my time with them. But in the past I guess I did take place in one or two, though never on FriHost! Usually political forums.
I have never really been involved in them, tho I have watched from the sidelines as simple misunderstandings and difference of opinions burst into nasty flame wars.
It's hard for me to imagine fights using text, never really been in one.

People get too riled up about these forum things.
I don't really see the purpose of one... you can't really get to the person by just text.
If you want to fight someone you need to punch or kick. not type something.
but that's just me.
I don't believe I've ever participated in a 'forum fight.'

Unless debates count in which case I have participated. But I don't believe I did too well. I suck at debating.

But I've never participated in a flame war. I see no point in it. Just a waste of time and energy. Flaming people over the internet is dumb.
I've seen quite a few forum fights between mac and windows extremists. It's often pretty stupid.

I don't like participating in them though. I find it meaningless.
If people first really have made their own opinion, they normally won't change it no matter what you try to say.

Some times it can even be worse than trying to discuss with your wall.
What exactly is a FLAME WAR? Question Question Question
_AVG_ wrote:
What exactly is a FLAME WAR? Question Question Question

It is basically a forum argument where things get way out of hand and people start calling each other names. It just leads to spamming and chaos so its extremely pointless.
We have a zero tolerance policy for flame wars....sometimes people get banned over them. We do however support each and everyone's right to thier own opinion. Even if we don't always agree with it.

Since this is all text and you have time to think about your responses before posting them....flame wars should never happen.
I have, at times, engaged in a battle of wits. I don't like doing it, though, as it's against my morals to attack those who are armed with inferior weapons. Laughing

It does make me laugh, though, when I see someone from 1 side of the world threatening to beat up someone who lives 5,000 miles away, whose real name they don't know, and whom they wouldn't recognise even if they did come face-to-face.

I remember seeing a scrap on 1 forum I used to visit quite regularly between a Scot and a Canadian. It was hilarious... "I'm gonna kick your effing head in"... "Bring it on, w*nker"... etc. Yeah sure - you're really going to travel from Ontario to Aberdeen just for a fight!
meet in rio
I have involved myself unintentionally on occasion. I hate arguing in general, but once I get sucked in I do find it hard to step back.

Not on a forum... as far as I could remember. But have got into scuffles in auctions when I am being accused of something wrongly.

Forums are a place to share opinions and ideas and I really don't see a need for getting into squabbles just to prove a point.
I have some people on my site that love to argue and fight, so I made a flame section where they are allowed to have massive flame wars. Most dont have any point at all either.
I can't say I've never started a few flame wars...

I'm stupid lol
Debates are cool and whatnot but fighting over the internet is useless. I would never gain anything out of it and I doubt my point would get through. I don't participate in them, and I don't care much about observing them either.
If it's a subject that I'm really passionate about (there aren't many; I'm essentially a bum who has slight interests in many subjects) then I would be willing to reply and go back and forth defending my opinion. I'm not a fan of flame wars because they tend to go no where and a large proportion of the time, there flaming post had of semblance to the original post of the thread.
I don't understand what a flame is exactly...
I have a bad habit of debating a lot with people to defend my opinion, however I don't believe I've flamed someone before...

ptfrances, if you want to know about Flaming, take a look Here
It would depend on the definition of "forum fight". I'll gladly argue with anyone who is able and willing to both express his/her position civilly and understand (not agree, but understand) my position in order to (attempt to Smile ) refute it. No threads are more boring than those where everyone agrees.
I joined a World of Warcraft-Forum just to participate in their forum fights, it was pretty funny. Just two people knew that I didn't play WoW (after they asked me Smile) and it seemed that it was bothering noone Very Happy
But in usual forums, I prefer to discuss... I wouldn't, for example, join a forum fight here.
I don’t mind “debating” or exchanging views online. I have participated in several “forum debates” and many different forums. As with anything on the internet there is an appropriate way to discuss volatile issues and it not turn into a “Flame War”. If a group is seriously discussing or debating an issue they will usually overlook the individual random irreverent comments that always surface during those kind if forum issues.
erlendhg wrote:
I've seen quite a few forum fights between mac and windows extremists. It's often pretty stupid.

I don't like participating in them though. I find it meaningless.
If people first really have made their own opinion, they normally won't change it no matter what you try to say.

Some times it can even be worse than trying to discuss with your wall.

lol yeah - me too! (as for myself, i also find them meaningless, esp since linux is better :p)

i try to stear away from forum fights - as they never get anywhere.
Yeah I've never really got into a fight with some one in a forum.
I just think they are amusing to watch the funny things people argue about.
I had a blog fight, once!

We were arguing on the perfect men. I said that most men I know are immature, and only talked about hockey, wore boring t-shirts... etc...

I said: Is it too much to ask, when I ask for someone who's culture spreads farther than hockey teams? Someone who is romantic but masculine at the same time? Someone who doesn't think that drawing or painting is a waste of time? Someone who laughs a lot?

etc... you get the point. And then people all accused me of being a lesbian, and said that I'll remain single for the rest of my life... bla bla bla!

I replied that of course, this was the perfect man for me, but it doesn't mean that the guys with who I go out MUST have all those qualities, I'm not that naive... then they shut up.
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