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Anyone interested in a partnership?

Ok here is the deal. I suck at php and I am still learning it all. Yes I can code some and can find problems when they come along as long as I have a program to help me. My current project that I am working on and hope will get off the ground real soon is a very simple scripted site that will allow visitors to post classified ads in their community free of charge up to $9,999 and a $1 per 1,000 after that, yes it would be a running total per account. But my problem is finding the time to finish the scripts and to add my custom script that I am working on at the moment ( which by the way is driving me to drinking ). What I am looking for is a good coder that is wanting to partner with me and start the website. I would really like to have someone in a very populated area of the US because it would be much quicker to get off the ground and start making money at. Everything as far as the partnership would be legalized with contracts and LLC, so I hope this would appeal to someone out there that wants to spend some time coding, and then just a few hours a week tweaking the whole system. My contribution to the project is mostly the front money to buy the space, name and any program that is needed for the project no matter what the cost is. I would be involved in coding, layouts and idea's. Not to mention alot of merchandise to start the site off with. My personal background is I am an IT tech contractor and I own a resale shop in my little town. I would not mind at all helping my partner start their own day time business in the resale since I started mine with only 300 bucks. And right now its going really good. I just want to expand so much further. I hope this will appeal to some of you and if it does please send me a private message with your location ( address need not be given YET ), age ( must be over 21 for legal purposes ) your coding experience, and your personal preferences on what kind of software you would need to have for this project. Also please include your current job description and if you are interested in the resale business in your area.

Thanks for reading.
I could possibly help out with PHP coding within databases such as MySQL (for managing accounts). For the rest I could learn fast, if I don't know it already. (by googling / posting here mostly)

I would really like to have someone in a very populated area of the US

I am in Canada, if that makes a difference.

Let me know if you need anything. Kind regards.
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