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PDF printer for SUSE 10.x

I started using SUSE 10.2 and realised that in GNOME, there is no PDF virtual printer.

Is there a place I can get some rpm download to install a PDF printer?

As I move along, I started to realised how rich a freeware supply of tools are there on the Internet for WIn XP/2000/2003 but so limited for Linux.

Yes, I do wish to go fully Linux, but with such limited set of tools available on the Internet, I do have to consider carefully how I can live without Windows OS.

Anyway - can someone help me out with a pdf printer for SUSE?

Thanks in advance.
Have a look at this HOWTO:

The normal method to add the printer after installing it doesn't work for me (SUSE 10.3), but when I go to http://localhost:631/admin I can add the printer. This method worked for me:

1. Download

2. Compile and install:


cd /some/path/cups-pdf-2.4.5/src
gcc -O9 -s -o cups-pdf cups-pdf.c
cp cups-pdf /usr/lib/cups/backend
cp ../extra/cups-pdf.conf /etc/cups/
cp ../extra/PostscriptColor.ppd /usr/share/cups/model
chmod 700 /usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf
chown root /usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf

3. Add printer:

- Open http://localhost:631/admin
- In the NEW PRINTER FOUNDItalic text section, click on the button Add this printer ( Virtual PDF Printer (CUPS-PDF)Italic text )
- in the next screen MAKE/MANUFACTURER FOR CUPS-PDFItalic text , don't select a printer but in the OR Provide a PPD FileItalic text section provide the name of the driver by browsing to "/usr/share/cups/model/PostscriptColor.ppd" Then click on the add printer buttonItalic text


There is a lot of good free software for Linux, but that is mainly development/server software. I agree that in other areas there is often not enough (good) software for Linux. But sometimes it exists, but you have to search for it. It is sometimes harder to find than windows software.

If you have windows programs you want to continue to use when switching to Linux, or there isn't a good alternative, you can try running them using wine (available in the SuSE package manager). A lot of Windows software runs on Linux through wine.
MrBlueSky, thanks going the extra to search for the solution and links.

And also the detailed steps to fix the virtual PDF printer.

I will download and try out your advices.

Oh, wine - this I must try out. Thank you so much for the effort done.

Will feedback once I have done the testings.

With best regards.
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