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antivirus review

I'm not muc of a security guy. I'm not a guy who knows how to test AVs but if I was the one compiling the list Kaspersky would sit on top of the list UNRIVALLED. I have more that a dozen PCs on a LAN, with different AVs and my experience has taught me that:

1. McAfee can be easily disabled by malware. I see the red sign(On access scan disabled) more than 7 times a day and God knows how many viruses will be hitting me when I'm in that state.
2. Symatec doesn't have most of the definitions u'll b expecting. I remember when I was hit by Kibaki(kebtos), symantec could not detect anything and their site had nothing on the little devil. I had YahLover on all my removables but I could only see it on machines running McAfee, despite updating symantec everyday(this I think does not work coz I believe they only update once a week).
3. AVG is good but does not detect some of the things Kaspersky detects. I had probles with AVG 8's firewall. I could not access network folders or Remote Desktop my computer with the AVG firewall on. Of cause I believe there is a way to get around the problem but the fact that it's not obvious turns me off. I have since reverted to AVG 7.5

I'm not the perfect gy to listen to coz I havent tried the other packages but I just thought i should share what I have experienced.
Thanks for sharing.
But let me be the first to say that you are NEVER safe with only one AV packet.
The specialists therefor advise to install a number of programs and still you aren't safe.
But it does minimalize the infection chances.

What was once advised to me to keep internetting safe where following points:

Always update your Windows
Do a weekly scan with f.e Bitdefender or Housecall
Do regular scans for Trojans on Trojanscan
Use Adaware and Spybot & Search
Use Firefox instead of Explorer

So you see, with one packet you will never be safe.
Have to say that with above I have never ever had any problems.

Try it out I would say.
I've tried loads of different anti-virus software, one of the best I've found and now use is avast.

I've not had any problems with viruses since I've had it installed, it updates regularly and detects well.
If you're willing to pay, then I would recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. It's detection rates are excellent.

As for free applications, I would recommend either AVG Free 8 or Comodo Anti Virus
I'm not sure if any of them are completely reliable although you can't go with one these days. Last month I went to develop some photos and handed over my pendrive for processing.... the person scanned my pendrive with AVG and detected two 'harmless' trojans i knew existed. However it was unable to detect the virus that was already in their computer and it infected my pendrive. I was suspicious of the computer before i got back as it kept prompting a windows error message .. somethibg about "suddenly life has become more meaningful". Can't remember the full sentence.

To my dismay I plugged it to my home PC and when i disconnected the pendive, the same message appeared on my PC. Mad

Tried scanning it with Pandasoft online scanner, Kaspersky online scanner and checked Symantec's online database and also searched the entire web for this strain of virus. However not much information was available and all the scans turned out empty.

I finally got to get rid of that virus using a flash disinfection software that detected it immediately upon plugin and removed it accordingly. So there.... they all lost out to a new comer on flash disinfection.
What was the pen drive software? Sounds like a handy tool to have
I used to use Norton Anitvirus (now symantec). But all these things just hog way too much ram.
THe USB software is called "USB Disk Security"

You can check it out at:

One thing interesting about this software is that it can detect files hidden in the pendrive that you just won't see when using the "show all hidden files" folder option.
Couldn't we make a compilation of most used,,, most wanted,,, and best out there.... one for people who can pay and one for people who dont want to pay. and just post it as a sticky...
I am using Quickheal Total Security... It is working fine.. I am very much satisfied with this Anti-Virus. Prior to this, I also used Avast Antivirus. That antivirus was also very good. I hope this informatio will help the members
There is no best antivirus. The most important is that user don't click everything and install every unknown program.
jaykumarr your review is somehow useless as it's just your subjective opinion. The most relevant are effectiveness reviews, such as
I would recommend NOD32 3.0 or Kaspersky antivirus.
I had used AVG for more than 6 years but recently I switched to Kaspersky. Its not free but i think its better than AVG. But still Avg is the best free virus guard.
dude_xyx wrote:
I had used AVG for more than 6 years but recently I switched to Kaspersky. Its not free but i think its better than AVG. But still Avg is the best free virus guard.

I totally agree. Kaspersky is the best around as far as paid for anti virus is concerned. There are man ydecent free ones though. AVG is very good, as is Comodo. Avast is apparently good as well although I've never really tried it.
8yrs im using AVg anti virus its good to me he protect my computers very will if you just updated it but in my windows 2003 server he can't get out the virus trojan suddenly i use nod32 to my server .now im still using avg anti virus.thnks to avg.
Free Antivirus software

After many years using AVG Free i have moved over to Avast as it is superior and hogs less sytem resources it also gives much more real time protection
Your comments are too subjective, detection rate it the most important factor of antivirus programs, not personal opinions. Check out result of tests here:
I use Avast but find it can make me have to reset my router (SKY) Netgear.

Tried Windows Live one care 90 day free trial that was good

Does anyone recommend any good free ones
slashnburn99 wrote:
I use Avast but find it can make me have to reset my router (SKY) Netgear.

Tried Windows Live one care 90 day free trial that was good

Does anyone recommend any good free ones

As has been mentioned above, there are quite a few.

AVG 8.0 Free
Avira AntiVir Personal
Avast! Home
PC Tools Anti Virus
Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus Starter Edition
Thank you for the review. That similar with my experience. By the way I use Avast now because it is fast compare with other antivirus, especially Norton Antivirus and McAffe. Until now I donot have any problem with virus as well. I use this because I have read from several review website like
All these famous antivirus programs are good and up to date but there are many problems with all of them. For me, symentec gets very slow after some 6 months of installations and updates, mcafee hangs the system alot, avg is also slow. Avira and AV antivirus I have found are pretty lite and they have done fine up to now.
I tried a lot of virus program and ı loved Nod 32. İt is very easy to use and it doesn't need huge ram to work.
Thanks for sharing
Right now i am using avira for the last 8 months. Prevoiusly it was kaspersky. norton has improved a lot as well!it rewrote many modules, takes remarkably less memory now.
This post was written by me for another forum. But I think its appropriate here, so I am reposting it.


Some popular antivirus softwares :

Avira Antivir

Free Antivirus Software :

Out of these Avira, Avast!, AVG and Bitdefender have freeware versions.

Reviews :

Latest Results

Unfortunately Av-comparatives doesnt allow other sites to republish their results. Hence, you need to go to the comparatives section and check out the results manually.
But the top 5 performers were : TrustPort AV WS, AntiVir PE Premium, AntiVirusKit (AVK), Kaspersky AV and AVG Anti-Malware. Out of these Trustport and AVK use multiple engines.

Latest Results are viewable here.

Latest Polymorphic viruses test Results :

Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic 7.06
(31 out of 33 points)
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2008 (31 out of 33)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 (31 out of 33)

Avast Professional Edition 4.7 (25 out of 33)
AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition 7.5
(22 out of 33)
DrWeb 4.44 (21 out of 33)
ESET Nod32 Antivirus 3.0 (20 out of 33)

Microsoft Windows Live OneCare 2.0 Pre-Release
(19 out of 33)
Trend Micro Antivirus plus Antispyware 2008 (18 out of 33)
Symantec Anti-Virus 2008 (17 out of 33)
BitDefender Anti-Virus 2008 (16 out of 33)
Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008
(15 out of 33)
Sophos Anti-Virus 7.0 (14 out of 33)
Panda Antivirus 2008 (14 out of 33)
VBA32 Workstation 3.12.6 (14 out of 33)

McAfee VirusScan 2008 (11 out of 33)

Also see Product Self-protection test

Latest Test Results :

Top 5 single-engine Premium Antivirus products :
4. Kaspersky version - 97.95%
5. eScan version 9.0.742.1 - 97.44%
6. The Shield 2008 - 97.43%
7. AntiVir version Premium - 97.13%
8. Ashampoo version 1.61 - 97.09%

Top 4 single-engine Free Antivirus products :
10. AntiVir version Classic - 95.54%
11. AVG version 8.0.100 Free - 94.85%
13. Avast version 4.8.1201 Professional - 93.78% ( claims avast free uses the same engine hence would have identical result)
16. BitDefender version 10 Free - 91.32%

Top 3 multi-engine Antivirus products :
1. G DATA 2008 version 18.2.7310.844 - 99.05% (Avast and Kaspersky Engine)
2. F-Secure 2008 version 8.00.103 - 98.75% (Kaspersky extended base engine, Hydra, Gemini and Blacklight engines)
3. TrustPort version - 98.06% (Norman, AVG, Ewido and Dr. Web)

Indyan, nice post Smile

I've used Avira for the last 6 years and I've installed it on some of my friend's laptops and few of them purchased the premium because they totally loved what Avira provided for them!

Also people if you think you have false positives you can always send the file to avira customer service to run test on it and they're pretty good on responding to you in timely manner and NO you don't have to purchase anything to get such customer support
I would totally recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 (vCool. It may seem costly for home usage, but it comes with great peace of mind...

II would always recommend you this...
I'm currently using Avira, and it seems to be doing a decent job (it hasn't detected anything yet, but I haven't downloaded anything really, and we just re-installed windows). It doesn't seem to slow down my computer at all. Unlike McAffee, which I used before, which turned it into something about as slow as an old computer that has like 32 Mb of ram
I think it's just stupid specially if you can't upgrade you AV every time it needs to. It's a truth we have to cope with that windows has viruses and trojans and you have to reinstall your windows every now and then. the solution: 1)Use Linux 2)Use trojan and virus process blocking softwares like one that my company has made. (Chaos ver 1.1) You could email me for that (
Is there any antivirus that reverses the registry changes made by viruses. What happens with most of the antivirus software is that they rmove the virus file but do not change the registry setting back to normal.

One of the common problems is caused by the autorun.inf file
It links the double click of USB mass storage devices (like pen drives and digital cameras and iPods and card readers) to open the virus file. Later when the virus is deleted, the USB doesn't open when you double click but shows an "Open With" dialog box.

Another major problem is caused by the soundmix virus.
It makes all exe (Application files) to go through the command soundmix [realprogram.exe]

So when the virus is removed, all programs stop working. Even opening regedit doen't work the normal way.
i use nod32 these day.Have experimented with a lots of them avast,AVG,Avira, comodo but non of these provided "total" security. If you think you are totally secure with the current anti-virus that you have on you are living an illusion man wake up. Using your common sense along with your anti-virus is just as important.
i dont use any antivirus nor any antispyware program.
i welcome viruses on my system...........
i like deleting them manully...................
surpringly i dont use any anti-virus. just the default windows bit defender and yeah the firewall works sufficiently.

wonder why u r being infected by so many virus lol... check to see that there's no virus in your removable drives when u r using it. its the most commonly mode of transport. also stay away from keygen/patch etc etc and yeah u will be safe
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