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Re: Afraid to say I love you

Hey, I'm freezdog (aka Justin, in real life)

I have a relationship problem with the girl I'm crushing.
I know that I like her, but I have no idea what she thinks of me back.

Here's the story: (sorry that its really long )

We're both pretty good friends, she is two years older than I am, and
we see and talk to eachother a lot. I know her friends and they like me.
I've been over to her house and have driven around with her and some
of my friends. Right now, we're just good friends.

The problem is that now I think that I like her, and I am desperately afraid
to tell her, because 1.) I am really comfortable with our friendship. I respect
her and everything that she does because we share a lot of the same interests and 2.)
I'm afraid our relationship might get really awkward if I tell her and she does not return.

We're in a production together right now, "we are the dream." Last night during intermission
we snuck out alone to get some air and the topic sort of came up that we both had to sneak back to the drama room to get something or another. This involved walking around the permimeter of the school and going in the back enterance. She was really scared so she had me hold her arm. When we got down there, I asked her what she needed. She said, nothing- she just wanted to keep me company. Then she asked me what I needed. My motive was the same, I just wanted to keep her company. We laughed over it, and then the topic came up (obviously) of who each of us liked. She said that she was really confused. She had an ex-boyfriend who she still felt some attachment to and that there was someone in the cast that she also liked. I said that yeah, there was someone in the cast that I had a crush on. (HER!) She started guessing and said that if I told her she would tell me, etc... It eventually ended when we made it back around the school and we parted for the second half of the show.

I never told her.

The same scenario, or something similar, is going to happen tonight. She invited me to a small party before the show this afternoon with her and a few of each of our friends, but I declined because "I was busy."

I feel backed into a corner with no space to breathe. Does anyone have any advice on what to do?
In my opinion it is better to tell her about your feelings as sooner or later, you'll make things that she might don't like as there's nothing between you two that is more than friendship and I mean here (JEALOUSY)...

Sooner or later you'll act and react based upon your feelings which may lead to things that you don't like and defently don't like to happen.

Talk to her and tell her, If she accepts it and share it with you, you win twice, and in case she refuses you only win once because at least you can rest of all the headache and thinking you have now and maybe you can stay good friends as well though she doesn't like you back.

Good luck man, I've been there once and I know how it can be...
I agree, one of my life rules is 'no regrets'. I say get the courage and tell her... May work out for the better, and maybe not, BUT you will at the very least KNOW how it would have worked out...

Good luck! Gave me the warm fuzzies inside!
Do as I did Smile. drink a few glasses and tell her.

Joking. No the real thing that you shold do is to put the prblem in her hands. That is ask her what if she were in love with a good friend and she couldn't tell him because she is scared, what if she realize that she wants more than friendship (and a relationship where both are friends to is more than any could hope) and she should make the step forward to tell him, will she do it?

My guess she will know where you wanna take here and she will share the feelings as you said she wants to keep you company as is to be with you.

the worse thatcould happen is what happen to me which is to tell her that she is not prepared for this but trust me if you hanging on with her lng enough she will soon see that she is atracted to you and she will ask you to go to the next level.

By the way how old are you?

i think you shd tell het straightway that you like her, no use waiting for opportunity bcoz oppturnity doesnt come ur way you have to grab it, and you she still have feeling for her Ex-BF, he is on the safer side while you on no side, you already have a good frenship with her, this is the best time to tell her that you love, coz if the other guy gets in touch with her, you will remain a good fren of her's. Just go ahead and say "I Love You".
Take the chance and do it. The only regrets I have are the things I didn't do, because you learn from your mistakes.
yeah..i'm back for a long the way, i really understand your situation cause i have undergone it. Same situation but different story. If i am in your situation i will tell her what i feel towards her and if she is still inlove with her ex boyfriend, then just go on and tell her that your willing to wait for her to move on. But be carefull on your moves though, you need to be gentle and non-abusive towards her feelings...just show her that you cared for her and enjoy her company, just maje her laugh to strengthen yur attachment with her. Never ever rush into the middle of the situation, just do it step by step and little by little...DON'T RUSH cause it will cause you trouble. Just be patient and wait....Good Luck buddy

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