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Climbing Mt. Everest can set you back about $60,000! That's a lot of money. Assuming that money wasn't an issue, how many would be willing to take the risk and climb it? I would love to climb Mt. Everest but I don't have that kind of money lying around.
I wouldn't climb it all the way to the top. First of all I'm afraid of heights, and I havent' got the money. Why actually is it so expensive? I can imagine you have to pay all the guides and the flight to Mt Everest, but $60,000 is a lot of money! But I'd love to see the mountain and climb it up to 1000 metres or something like that...
Well, Everest would be the achievement of a lifetime for a hard-core mountain climber, but I never thought it could be so expensive. What could possibly be that expensive? Are the guides ridiculously overpaid? Do you have to pay just for access? Do you really have to have equipment that top-of-the-line?

Would that 60,000 be shared between a team of climbers, or would that be the per person price? I could very much understand a group of 12 people paying 5000 each.
To answer both of your questions: It's about $60,000 PER PERSON. Granted this is about as high as it will go, you can budget it to much lower, but it will still be expensive. It's a major source of tourism revenue for Nepal, so they require to to obtain an extremely expensive permit. After the permit, you have to get there (which is the price of a plane ticket). Then you have to get all of your climbing equipment (which none of it is cheap). The majority of climbers (I think all but a couple) have also used oxygen tanks. You also have to hire Sherpas to guide you to the top. If you want to do practice climbs on easier mountains, that will cost you. I'm probably leaving things out. Believe me, I've researched this a lot. I'm an extreme-adventure-junkie and it's always been my dream to climb Everest.
I do not know.. Personally I got some experience with alpine climbing and trekking, but these heights are just incredible hostile and dangerous..
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