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Show your support, and crash the convention wile your at it

As fate would have it my court date is less then a week after the RNC (september 1-4th). So if you feel like showing your support at my trial you might as well show em what you got at the RNC. Direct action and solidarity feels much better then voting and other symbolic acts that create an illusion of choice and freedom. And i promise, if you go to my trial i will go to yours.

I was pepper sprayed (as was most of the crowd), tased, and arrested for riot at a minneapolis critical mass in august. I can assure you all i was not rioting. At most i was breaking low level traffic law. My arrest and the arrest of 18 others was completely political. To send a clear message to would be RNC protesters. "We will beat you, and you will go to jail".

If you want to learn more about my arrest and what you can do to help, go to

For more on the RNC go to
Well, it seems that you now learn, as MLK knew, that civil disobedience requires self-sacrifice.
Did you stop violating the minor traffic law when told to? If not, you probably compounded it with a worse offense by not stopping.
I'm not sure, but if you were the part of a group that was rioting, you might be guilty of rioting anyway, even if you personally didn't do anything... You might not though.
Ghost Rider103
I don't think this is something you will be able to get out of, though I could be wrong.

I think this situation is like 4 guys robbing bank. You have two people go into a bank to rob it, you have one driver, and one extra guy just a long for the ride. Right now, you are that one guy just a long for the ride. What happens when this car gets stopped? All four people will be arrested, and will probably all suffer some kind of punishment.

Well, good luck anyways.
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