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What inspired you in art?

Hello, I posted this topic up because my reason is kind of awkward. I started to do art when I joined Art Class in grade 9 since I needed an Art credit, but I feared what will be the outcome of my marks during midterms since I didn't have that much interest in it. After a few activities, I just discovered that I waqs good at it, and everyone kept telling me how good my artwork was. Guess I was like a "late bloomer"? Confused
^Anybody can be good at art with a little education. (Good enough to get compliments from the uneducated anyway.) There are two parts of it, though. Skill and inspiration. Skill can be taught and improved by practice. Inspiration is harder to come by though. Only rarely am I truly inspired, the only one I can think of is a poem I was inspired to write. Thankfully, my skill with words enabled me to act on the inspiration and make a wonderfully creepy poem. You should definitely keep working to enhance your skill in art (no matter what kind of art) so that when you are truly inspired, you will have the ability to put it on paper, and not have it trapped in your head by your inability to express it.

Besides writing, I do have a lesser talent for drawing. I often get the comment "Wow, it actually looks like a ________". I find that this odd; isn't the point of drawing something to make a picture that looks like it? But most people are used to their own stick figures and crude approximations of form. If they actually tried to draw what they saw, they could do relatively well themselves. They are blocked by thinking that they cannot draw, though, so they only attempt rough approximations of what they think of, very very rarely what they see.

The best advice I have for any image-type art (like drawing, painting, or sculpture) is that the better knowledge you have of what something looks like, the better you can draw it. This is extremely important when drawing from memory, but is also important for drawing something you're currently looking at. A big part of being a good artist is a different way of looking at things and actually observing them, not just seeing what it is and filling in the details from memory, or not paying attention to them at all.
My grandma was a painter. When I was a little girl, I used to paint with her oils and draw with her charcoal. My grandma really thought she saw something special there...I guess they all want to think their grandkids are special. She got me started with private tutors. I took art all the way through high school, and then in college I declared myself an art major because I didn't want to join the "undecided" category. I guess I must have forgotten along the way that it was never my intention to be an art major until the end. I kept with it. I sold over half my paintings at my senior was a pretty great moment...

I haven't picked up a paint brush since I graduated (and it's been a while). I didn't want to turn it into a hobby, or cramp my style to fit the tiny space in my's too important to me. Sometimes I have dreams that I'm painting. I just miss it. I know someday I'll move out of this city and I'll get a garage or a porch or something and then I'll paint my heart out.

Anyway...I was always inspired by stories. I read a lot and I have a passion for books and stories. I integrated stories and poems a lot into my work, but I never included actual words. I wanted the images to speak for themselves, and to stand alone. I liked the sense that the images were illustrations of something, but I wanted them to be as rich and full of content as the words that inspired them.

I write my own fiction as well. I've tried to paint illustrations of my own work, but that doesn't work as well. Probably because I'm not nearly as great a writer as the authors I love:)

I've also been inspired by my dreams, because they tend to be vivid and complicated. They frequently have a story line.
I'm inspired by all things. My experiences, the people I see on the streets, everything I eat...

A chapter of my second book was based on what I felt when I saw an orange tractor.
Well its always better to be late then to be never.Every person has some art within himself.Some trigger is required to activate it.About me i am very good artist.Everyone told me to go for Fine Arts after my tenth standard.Because of force from family i went to science stream and today i am computer professional.Wait......I dint forget my art,There is new area for me ,yes Animation,I am learning it at home,different tools.So now i find myself at good positions.My message to all is that either make carrier in art and quality that you have or acquire some stable earning thing and start practicing your art.
Well the first way is not possible always.
i cant tell what other people feels or look at art, i just can say some about myself view and to me, art is to fill your blank space, what space is it, doesnt matter...
Looking at a white paper, wall, screen, whatever, is the start point to put there some of you and its magic, its original ( or should be ) and its true...
I like to draw.
Just lay back, man, close your eyes, let the mind wander, and expound on the limitless possibilities of your art medium.
Look at everything that you notice and search for some interesting things, or some symbols.
Inspire with the world around you Smile
I find a lot of art in the female body. Could be due to the fact that I lust after a lot of women but I really see something there. I find myself wanting to be a part of it. I daydream what my children would look like with whoever the woman that I may be gazing upon. My taste is vast but I do have limits though my coworkers disagree. I love to create totally unique works so what better than a child. I have two sons now with my wife and I must say, they are going to be heart breakers.
wow! actually a meaning full topic! i always get a lot of inspiration by going to musea or art exhibitions. Not with the attention of copying, but just seeing other people's visions on art or certain topics/issues in general. Also other forms of art can inspire me a lot of making my own. Like architecture, theatre, music, and so on...
Art is actually a wonderful thing, that basically controls our world. XD I got inspired in art when I was very little because my mom would always do artworks everyday so I persisted in it and found it very enjoyable. I mainly focus on drawing and Photoshop computer graphics and creative writing.
i was inspired into art for several reasons. For one, it's a great outlet for our emotions and its a quiet, nonjudgmental, easy way to do it. I feel like i connect better with my higher self when i express myself through art. Creation is a powerful way of being in tune withyourself. By creating we connect with THE creator: God. Well, at least for me that's how i feel. We all have a need to express ourselves creativitly. People all have theyre own ways. I disagree with anyone who says that they are not a creative person. We really all are, we just look over some of the things we do that could be considered creative or art. For example I love style and fashion. Some people might argue that it doesn't really have to do with art, but I disagree. I am creating when i choose articles of clothing to wear or asemble. Even makeup can be considered art. I know laugh it up haha. But seriously, i honestly think we have to take a closer look at ourselves. We are all creators and we are all capable of creating beautiful art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.
reiika101: was it enough for you? Very Happy For me, all these comments above are very inspiring.
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