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Photos of a scramble up Tryfan, North Wales

Went with my pal Adrian to Snowdonia on thursday to knock off Tryfan. We scrambled up the North Face, with the intention of descended to Bwlch Tryfan & going up Bristly Ridge onto the Glyders, then round to Devil's Kitchen to descend to Llyn Idwal, but we'd underestimated the time it'd take us to do Tryfan (route finding being the main problem & a "better safe than sorry" ideology in finding the right way up)...4 hours later we hit the summit & called off the scramble up Bristly Ridge (to my relief, I must admit !).

Tryfan (915m)

Getting over the initial tiresome effort of going up the steep slopes to the base of the ridge proper, we settled in to finding the beginning of it....something we took a while over & we're still not sure we found the text-book starting point !

About a third of the way up, me looking over Llyn Ogwen

Tryfan's famous "Cannon", just over halfway up.

At the same point...the A5 looks a long way down now !

Some real awkward stuff followed, we had hailstorms, one while I was perched on a large slab which sloped diagonally away to thin air and a trip home in a wooden box...sitting that out gave me time to think about the mountain rescue helicopter which flew around most of the day!
Then there were difficult towers of rock to overcome & lots of 3-points-of-contact stuff.

Here, we're just passing one of the many routes up from the East side, a steep chute, presumably heading down to Heather Terrace.

Once on the summit, there was no chance for heroics, as the wind had whipped right way was I to risk climbing up onto, and jumping from Adam to Eve & back (the two large boulders that mark the summit)...

....especially as this awaited anyone daft enough who slipped (and the wind was blowing this way, too !!)

So, we headed down the comparitively simple south ridge to Bwlch Tryfan, where we had a late lunch, sheltered on the eastern slopes. That's more hail falling in the valley.

Bristly ridge...saving that one for another day!

Llyn Bochlwyd, or Lake Australia, as it's known.

Glyder Fach, Glyder Fawr, Gribin Ridge & Y Garn, with Lake Australia below the panorama.

The same range, but from lower down with Tryfan stuck on the left

We extended the walk back to the car, and terra firma, to at least look at the daunting Devil's Kitchen, the dark chasm at the top middle of this pic...we were to scramble down inside that & finish off the walk in style, but time had conspired against us.

Back at the Idwal Cottage, looking up the Nant Ffrancon valley towards Bethesda

Nice pictures and compilation. I'm still wondering about the force of nature.

Do you have any idea what the height was you climbed? I suppose it was rather high, because I don't see much trees, there are a lot of rocks, etc...
That looks like a nice hike. How high were you? It looked like you were above tree line.
It looks so beautiful out there... I didn't know Wales was so wonderful... Certainly worth a trip to!
I'd like to go there myself!
It would be a heck of a lot of fun to see how far up I could get by Jeep, and then go the rest of the way on foot. (If that is legal, that is... Probably not.)
Some great pictures there.

Stunning scenery
there are some stunning vistas in Wales...this area is in the north, but there's a range of hills in the south called the Brecon Beacons (the British Army do training excercises out there) that is very good for walking too.
The height of the summit is 915 metres, but the road level is 300 metres, so real ascent is only 615m.
The whole beauty of going to these places is to get away from vehicles Very Happy so leave your jeep at home & get your boots on !
Having said that, an RAF Hawk jet kept flying down the valley way down below us at high speed....that's a bit dis-concerting when you're hanging on by the fingertips & there's a deafening "WHOOOOOSSSHHHH!!!!" over your shoulder ! Shocked

My friend suggested I looked a bit scared on the "Cannon Stone", so I emailed him this photo...

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