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Ca't retreive email via webmail (Fatal error:Allowed memory)

I recently used my email to sign up for something that would not accept a free email account such as The problem is, on trying to access my email via the web I get a "Fatal error: Allowed memory size" as it seems this never before used email address has been harvesting spam for q2uite a long time. Over 11,000 of them in fact. I assume the server is balling all these up into one big file and this the PHP web mail is unable to open it due to preset server limits.

Now I don't need any of those 11,000 emails aside from the recent activation email I should have received, and I'll need to start using the account from here on out.

My question is this; How do I go about deleting all these emails (and saving that one that I need) seeing as how I cannot access my email via the web due to the "Fatal error: Allowed memory size" error?

Thanks in advance.


PS- Quick update, I managed to gather my email (all 11,000+ of it) through Outlook Express and did in fact save tha tone email I needed. I thought this would solve my problem completely too, however I find now that even though I've downloaded all these emails the server is still holding onto that huge file for some reason. My Outlook express is not set to leave a copy on the server, so I'm not sure how to go about getting rid of all this spammy email.
ok, I downloaded them all to outlook again and seet outlook to delete from server when deleted from trash, now they seem to be gone... finally. Not sure why that would fix it considering it wasn't to leave a copy on the server the first time I downloaded them all but whatever. Maybe someone at Frihost fixed it? Whatever. Smile

Today goes down in history as the day I downloaded the most email. Two downloads of 11k+ a piece for 22,000 emails total. Smile
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