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Frostfell (Forgotten Realms)

Hey all,

Having read various authors and novels in this genre, as well as in the Forgotten Realms universe, I have to say this is the most original and thoughtful I've encountered thus far.

Mark Sehestedt, (how do you pronounce that last name correctly?!), has written a tour-de-force fantasy novel here in his debut tryout. Since I have Native American blood running through my veins, I tend to read and write about such. As does Mark Sehestedt here, but in a fantasy-like setting, utilizing Native Americans as elves who can transform themselves into wolves. How cool is that?

But that is just a tiny bit of ultra-coolness to this novel. Frostfell is a stand alone novel. Never mind the first two books by the other authors to this seemingly War Wizard trilogy. All you need is this one.

Frostfell is a journey wrapped in an adventure, filled with memorable characters that spill from the pages. Well crafted and extremely well written, Frostfell leaves you wanting more. As the human war wizard lady Amira and her son run from slavers, they end up in a place called - the Endless Wastes. And what a place this is! Filled with shapeshifting elves and shamans battling hidden alien-like sorceror beings that will give readers the heebie-jeebies.

Frostfell reminded me of reading something along the lines of a fantasy caveman vs Native Americans saga, filled with werewolves and vampiric beings, all battling for control of a frozen tundra-like world. Lady Amira is an outlander in this part of the world, and she is being helped in saving her son from slavers - and much worse!- by a trio of differing beings that will both warm your heart and fill you with adrenaline.

The world building aspects to this novel are second-to-none here. The character building almost flawless. The history of the Endless Wastes and its peoples was a treat to read and learn about while reading the fast-paced fantasy epic here. If you like your fantasy more primal, more character driven, and filled with action and adventure - then this one is sure to please and appease those appetites.

It sure did it for mine.

Keep it real...
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