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Liquid Tension Experiment

Hey all,

I bought this album several years ago, probably around 2000-2001. I cannot believe I haven't mentioned this album on here before. Anyways, here goes...

This instrumental album is one of the greatest that I've ever heard. It's just absolutely amazing. The album opens with a blast of music that shows just how fast those guitars, keyboards and drums can go. "Paradigm Shift" continues with a bunch of unison runs bewteen Petrucci and Rudess. The entire song features solo after solo between the keyboards and guitar. And the drum part just stays right in there with it all. "Osmosis" is based around the bass part and everyone else jamming on it. It's a nice song that drastically contrasts the first piece. "Kindred Spirits" is a guitar-led piece that is pretty cool. The next piece, "The Stretch," is the shortest on the album, but it's cool. The song has Rudess soloing over a drum and bass groove. "Freedom of Speech" is the "power-ballad" of the album. It has a very Dream Theater-sound to it. Good stuff.

The next song is my favorite. "Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure." It really shows the band's sense of humor, having a drum and bass riff with "vocal overdubs" that are just goofy. I really like it. "State of Grace" is a guitar-keyboard duet that is very good. "Universal Mind" is another speed-demon piece. Fast and furious, with such a cool ending.

With having less than a week to write and record the whole album (Sept 20 through Sept 25, 1997), the epic of this project ends up being a 28:31-long jam session that was recorded and included in its entirety. This entire piece was improvised, starting off with the guys just messing around with stuff. Nothing really starts until the drum beat gets put down, then the keyboards get into it. The guitar comes in as the jam continues. Part 2 starts with a guitar lead that the rest build off of. The music dies down, but only until the drums start again with another groove. And I think that beat involves Portnoy playing 5's with the bass while keeping a good snare beat on 2 and 4. Part 3 is another change, building into a cool guitar solo. It's amazing how the guitars and keyboards are able to stay together despite all of these changes. Part 4 is cool, too. It starts with a keyboards solo over a cool groove, then it's time for another great guitar solo. Part 5 starts out slower, with good keyboard part. Then the guitars and bass drum start trading rhythms. The question-answer part between the guitar and keyboard is just amazing.

The jam session ends as it starts, in a note-filled nebula of sound. "I believe that will suffice for a record. Alright, send it to Varney. As is."

Keep it real...
Hmm, I don't mind some of the LTE stuff but it just never REALLY got me going. I like Paradigm Shift and Acid Rain from LTE2 though.

I think the biggest put off for me though is because of Jordan. I really can't stand a lot of his playing.
Personally, I'm a big fan of Rudess and I absolutely love both the Liquid Tension albums. The second perhaps even more than the first.

I'd recommend Jordan's solo albums too, to anyone who likes this. (unlike David over here) Feeding the Wheel, Rythm of Time and The Road Home are very much like Liquid Tension in musical quality and overall 'feel'.
Maaan these guys are great! I don't love all of their tracks but their music is certainly some of the Best I have ever heard... There are only some few band which play this kind of heavy metal instrumentation that I know of. the one band I like too are dream theater. LTE have some nice tracks and it's a pity they didn't make more of them, but I would surely listen to them if they bring another album someday, cause I like the flow that they have in the music. Now I am no specialist so maybe there are some young guys out there who are alt least as good!
Have a listen to the Planet X albums Universe, Live from OZ and Moonbabies.

You might like them Smile.
Ooh, I loved Moonbabies. That album sounded as great as the title sounded stupid. Smile
One of my favourite instrumental tracks of all time is the live version of Atlantis: Apocalypse 1430BC. It was written by Derek Sherinian and recorded originally on his solo album - Planet X, but then they perform it as a Planet X song (with Derek, Virgil and Tony, oh and Dave LaRue) on the Live from OZ album and do an amazing job.
Some of Derek's solo albums are definitely recommended, too. I have Inertia and Mythology myself and they are very good.
Sounds awesome. I'll definitely try it out to listen. I've been looking for instrumental bands. Are their vocals, or are they strictly instrumentalists?
As far as I know, all of the above are strictly instrumental, possibly with some minor exceptions but there's no songs which are actually vocally driven
First of all, Liquid Tension Experiment both albums are 2 of the best fusion/instrumental albums since they merge both Metal and Jazz/Fusion music elements. That combination attracted fans of both different genres, I remember that when they performed at NAMM (I can't remember exactly the year). Anyway, it is also important to mention that Petrucci, Portnoy and Myung recruited Rudess into Dream Theater a year after the release of LTE.
For those who liked LTE you should check out the 2007 Liquid Trio Experiment (Line-up: Jordan Rudess, John Myung and Mike Portnoy). This is more of a "jamming" album but it's amazing.
I love Paradigm Shift....that intro alone is amazing!

Did I hear that they are making some new stuff? Has anyone else heard?

~ Doug
Yes dougblackjr, as I mentioned before they released a new album in 2007, but in a slight different line-up excluding John Petrucci and naming the project "Liquid Trio Experiment", the album's name is "Spontaneous Combustion".
It really shows Jordan Rudess amazing skills using the new age effects on his new KORG. Tony Levin handles the bass duties in this project not John Myung as I mentioned before, I'm sorry about that.
Seems like it will be a lot more drum and bass without Petrucci.

I do LOOOOOVE Tony Levin though! This makes me excited!
Considering I can't stand Jordan Rudess, I think I'll be steering clear of this one...
Ooh, thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check that one out - ought to be good if it's anything like Liquid Tension.
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