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World Cup in the United States again?

Hello, good evening to all ....
The United States expressed interest in organizing a new crown in the world of football on your parents, would you like to see a crown of the world again in your parents?

About this forum or participated personally witnessed a game of the world cup in 1994? Where my parents, Brazil, was the great champion ...

Copa do mundo nos estados unidos novamente ?

Olá, boa noite a todos....
Os Estados Unidos manifestaram novo interesse em organizar uma copa do mundo de futebol em seu pais, você gostaria de ver uma copa do mundo novamente em seu pais ?

Quem deste forum participou ou assistiu pessoalmente a um jogo da copa do mundo de 1994 ? em que meu pais, Brasil, foi o grande campeão ...
Hmm... Your translation could use some work but I think I have your meaning. There were some really strange translation problems that make your meaning unclear. By using a Google translation of your Portuguese text and a little bit of deduction, I have come up with the following as a better translation.
Magicman's Translation of jochan wrote:

Hello, and good evening to all...
The United States expressed interest in having the World Cup in your country; would you like to see another World Cup in your country?

Who in this forum participated or personally witnessed a game in the 1994 World Cup? Where my country, Brazil, was the great champion...

I hope that is true to your meaning.

In response to your question, I would love to see a World Cup in the United States. I think soccer isn't big enough in this country. I also do not have the time or money to be able to go watch a World
Cup game in another country as much as I may want to. And I must say, the Brazilian team does tend to be pretty good.
oh God I've love that so so much.
Futbol is like the only sport I really love watching & playing.
I would love to see the world cup in the united states again. however, i wonder just how much the american people appreciate football. wouldn't it be more appreciated in another country? well it is just my guess. what do other people think here? do they feel the same about it or differently? please extend the conversation! great topic Smile
Well I don't see the point in doing that really .... football is the like 5th ? or so sport in america .... and with your fields ... not really super are they? or am I wrong
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