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DDR1 Ram - Where in the world is a 2GB?

Anybody can get DDR2 in 2GB sticks, but how about DDR1?
I do not know why you would get a 2 GB DDR stick of RAM. Those kinds of sticks are both rare and expensive. And I also see a lot of motherboards not supporting them, for some reason. I did a quick Google search and found this:

Other sites apparently have this stick at around the same price. Anyhow, at over $1000, you could get a brand new computer. DDR RAM is expensive (I bought a 1 GB stick not too long ago) and these 2 GB sticks are ridiculously overpriced.
Why are the 2 GB DDR RAM sticks so expensive??
Well, they're expensive for a few reasons.

1. Obsolete technology.
2. DDR is more expensive to produce than DDR2, as far as I know.
3. The demand for DDR has gone down.
4. DDR2 is being produced really quickly, while DDR is scarce, and produced on a small scale.
5. Also, they're trying to phase out DDR. DDR3 is already out.

High capacity DDR2 isn't very difficult to produce at all, this wasn't the case for DDR.

Also, during the DDR era, computers would have 256 MB - 512 MB of RAM, and the better ones would have 1 GB. The high high end ones would have 2 GB, and then you could max it out at 4 GB. At that time, 4 GB was a lot for consumers, and most couldn't utilize anyway. There was no need to have higher capacities. I mean, look at the situation now. How many computers actually have 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM? In the DDR era, with four slots, you can get 4 GB, and there was no need for more. Even with two slots you get 2 GB and that was usually more than enough, until DDR2 came around.
What about DDR3? The biggest DDR3 RAM stick I've seen for sale is 2G.
Well, the thing is, DDR2 rarely surpassed 2 GB. I remember seeing one 4 GB DDR2 stick for about $300. As for DDR3, it's still new, and you can probably expect it to surpass 2 GB in the near future. However, there never has been a need, thus no need to manufacture it. Also, I don't know of any application that can utilize that much RAM on a consumer machine.

So yeah, you can expect 4 GB DDR3 in the future, but it's new, and DDR2 is still the standard.
Well I'm stuck with plain (and expensive) DDR until I can afford a new motherboard!
Evil or Very Mad
Better for you to save money and upgrade the whole system.
It's just a waste of time and money to buy DDR memory nowadays, when the soon-to-be-standart is DDR3.
You can get a DDR3 supporting motherboard for under 200$ today, and a whole upgrade might cost you under 700$ in the next few months. That's extremely cheap compared to the system people buy today.

But do as you wish...
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