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CISSP Certificate

Has anyone ever heard of the CISSP Exam?

Well I have and have been doing some reading about it, I finally got the book last week to take the Exam and Be CiSSP Certified, It is Based on IT Security. It will be a Great addition to my RESUME.

If anyone has taken it or knows anything about it POST UP lets talk about the SECURITY World..

I'm currently in my 2nd semester in ITT-TECH Info TECH - Security - Bachelors.

I´ve thought about doing it alright but never got around to actually doing it. The advice I got was to build up my knowledge first in other security areas first and then to try and go for the CISSP.

I tried posting on this a few months ago but no-one replied. I think I put it in the operating systems section as there was no where really else that seemed close

how long are you giving yourself to study for the exam?

How many years have you been working in info sec?
Question I don't know.
The Cissp is a highly regarded certification in the information security world. If you do a search for information security manager jobs you would realise that a lot of them are requesting cissp certification. Am currently doing an MSc in information security at the londonexternal university and would also be doing the CISSP and CEH exams in July.

I've been studying information security for a year now.
but doesn´t the CISSP have a requirement that you have work experience in computer security?
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