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A day out in snowy Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain

Set off at 5.30am with Steve & Dave W from Wakefield & got halfway to Wales when Dave's wife rung to tell him he'd left his coat at home!
Several stops later in various shops along the way he got a kagoul which would do!
Parked up at the Pen-y-pass carpark & set off towards the Pyg Track only for Steve to throw a wobbly &, almost passing out at one point & going deathly pale he threw up....once he came to he bravely soldiered on & was soon feeling better.
Here he is, overlooking Snowdon's vast lakes in the crater down below us.

We'd seen traces of snow in the higher gullies from the car park, but nothing had prepared us for what was to come!
Here, me & Dave W approach the snow line.

While further up the traces are turning to whole areas covered in the slippy stuff!

Here, approaching the zig-zags near the top of the Pyg Track, having spoken to several people who'd turned back as they felt it too dangerous to carry on up, the mist was coming in, too....but we pressed on, as one group were donning crampons & ice-axes for the only really awkward bit of the ascent, a narrowing of the snow-filled path with big drops to the left if you slipped!

But soldier on, we, 20 minutes later, at the summit cairn....only about 2 dozen people were on the top.

Our plan was to descend the steep southern side of Snowdon & scramble up and over it's neighbour, Llewidd, but we couldn't even see a way down the side in front of us, so we went the opposite way & followed the railway line back down through 3' snow drifts & the long walk back down to the town of Llanberis.

Once back under the line of the cloud the views were fantastic & we could relax a bit more.

Here's me, at the top of an outcrop looking right down over the Llanberis Pass

The views on the way back down

That looks a bit too energetic for me

You should have used your scooter Smile
Pretty nice weather for wales Wink
jsymac wrote:
That looks a bit too energetic for me

You should have used your scooter Smile

HeeHee !!
Funnily enough, all three of us are Lambretta owners...they're my pals from the scooter club in Wakefield! Very Happy
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