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Spore Creature Creator in June

I've been looking forward to Spore for ages now, and it seems that it's finally getting close. This link says a trial version of the "Spore Creature Creator" will be released in June from among other places. The idea is that the creator has 25% of the creature making bits from the full game, and give people a simple way to try it out and see how they like it before buying.

Sort of like a demo I suppose, but more like releasing the SimCreator for the Sims2 as a seperate download.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. Smile
after waiting like 2 years for it, atleast we finally get to have something we can touch and play around with.
Wow, I remember first hearing about spore in what seems like almost a decade now (ok obviously exaggerating a bit) and it seemed like such an awesome idea. Now that its been a few years down the road, it still look awesome, but am I the only one that has kind of lost most of the eagerness to see it released?

Maybe it's because they've just had delay after delay after delay and I'm just preparing myself for another delay, but at this point I hope whenever they actually DO release the game, it better be damn near perfect and not a buggy POS like some games are nowadays. If they have any kind of bugs and glitches it'd be ridiculous.


Back on subject though, it's good to hear that gamers who have followed this game's development for a long time will now have something more then just a few videos to appease their appetites for Spore on.
Spore! That games sounds so awesome. I've never really played anything like that before, too, so I'm looking forward to the demo. Glad it's coming out in June, since I'll be out of school and won't have to worry about homework and all that other good stuff. Razz I'm looking forward to how your choices will change the creature's evolution and later on civilization. And what will happen once you go to space? Will you have the opportunity to create more planets and see how they go? *-*
i think when you advance realy far in the game, you'll be given tools to make new planets, stars, and other stuff, or atleast have tools to edit existing ones to whatever you want them to be.

i'm not counting on it, but i'm hoping they can release the demo on wii as well through the wii shop channel or something. feasibly it doesn't sound that hard to me, because we know there making a wii version of the game, and the file will likekly not take up much space, because everything is prosedurally generated, and it would mostly constist of lots of algoriths and code, and mayby some graphics for the menus and stuff.
vonboy wrote:
... because we know there making a wii version of the game....

Actually this is the first I'd heard of that. I thought it was a PC only title.
I first heard about this game in early 07 and it was going to be released in mid to late 07 and here we are in 08 and now it finally is about to arrive. I know a number of companies that move there time out which is good, makes a better game.

This sounds like an interesting game but we will have to see if it has much playtime or if it kinda becomes repetitive. It will be nice to see the demo for first hand to see how to build stuff.

Spore is going to come out for the PC, MAC, Wii and Mobile but the release for the Wii is still unreleased.
they're making a version for the DS as well which will be called spore creatures, and it'll just be the creature phase.

the cellphone version will just be the cell phase, but atleast the graphics look really good for a cellphone game.

they have infact said that they are working on a wii versio, but there is no word yet on if the it will just be a specific phase, or if it will be the whole game like the pc and mac versions.
vonboy wrote:
after waiting like 2 years for it, atleast we finally get to have something we can touch and play around with.
I'm happy to say that I've been waiting since high school to play it xD (Sophomore in university now!)
I've been liking the idea of this game since I heard about it, which was approximately two years ago I guess... It's not that I'm anxiously awaiting the release, but I will definitely give it a try when the date comes.

I really appreciate the developers' attitude on release dates though. It assures that we'll receive a quality game. I always use Knights of the Old Republic II: the Sith Lords as a good example of bad rushing. The depth in this game was absolutely awesome and it could have easily surpassed part one - if not for the fact it was released about half a year too soon. As a result, the game was buggy as hell and gave an overall 'incomplete' feel due to too many ideas scraped at the last moment and sloppy removal of references to deleted content.

Spore will not have this problem, I hope - which is quite an achievement if they manage it. Smile
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