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XBOX360 - COD 4

I am currently addicted to Call Of Duty 4 on the xbox360. Been playing online and appear to be very good.

Normally other player don't get chance to shoot in caged matches...

Same with TD, S&D, TD-H, S&D-H

If anybody else out there wishes to play me on COD4 XBOX LIVE

Please add me, My gamer tag is

My CoD4 addiction is a little better these days than it was, but I still play regularly. Made it to level 55, then after a few days and much consideration decided to do the "prestige" thing and now I'm back up to level 20 something. I really miss my M14 though. Smile

mrdatter on xboxlive
Sure I reconise that gammer tag...

hmm.. think i mage have playied you b4 on a cage match, but can't relelber...

Having some problems with xboxlive at the moment...

But if you want a match @ COD4 I wil be more than happy to play a casuale game...

M14 hey, What add-ons did you have?


I think it is just me but after xboxlive have updated the server (yesterday) I cannot connect and when I do it boots me straight back out again, but still comes up with notifications when friends sign in ect.. but if I pres the guide button it says Connect to live?

Strange huh?

They were doing some system maintenance yesterday, so that might explain your troubles connecting. Hopefully that is sorted out by now.

I've only ever played one cage match, but it was a blast... and I very nearly won. Smile I usually play domination and when I have it with the M14 as I said, with a red dot sight. I also have some stealthy set ups I use from time to time but I like that M14 best.
I like the game, very polished and all that but I find it very hard for snipers to play on the maps in multiplayer. The maps are too little and snipers need freedom, space to walk and find a spot, space where to hide and all that. I play Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty: United Offensive and Call of Duty 2 in multiplayer and personaly I think those are better games.
I'm normally not a HUGE first person shooter game fan, but I do love games that you can play on a local LAN. Do to that fact, call of duty 4 was the first one of the series that i have played more then 20 mins.

I must say it is one of the most fun fps lan games i've played since goldeneye on the N64. Although I'll have to agree with the previous poster about sniping being kind of hard on multiplayer maps. With the incredibly fast run speed of people running it is hard as hell to pull of a shot in precision aim mode of a sniper rifle and the maps are a bit small to feel at ease while camping out a spot to snipe.

As I dont actually play on xbox live all that much, can someone explain what the whole prestige thing is all about? I've heard several; people talk about it before, but what does it actually do?
ZeroXD wrote:
As I dont actually play on xbox live all that much, can someone explain what the whole prestige thing is all about? I've heard several; people talk about it before, but what does it actually do?

From what I have heard... Once you reach lvl 55 well complete lvl 55, you goto prestige mode.

Not sure if that is true but Hope to find out soon, as I am a lvl 46 Major General ( * * ) < they are stars btw <

Well I have the overkill perk allowing you to carry 2 primary wepons

I carry an asault rifle and the R700 Sniper.

And Sniping is good for me on all maps, As long as you have a stedy thumb. Even on shipment I snipe...

Depeneds how friendly you are with the crosshairs..

COD 4 is by far my favorite online game i have ever played...i like to use the M40 sniper with 2x claymores, stoping power...and iron lungs.

Gamer tag... engenj...and and play
favorite game types...Hard core anythin...and team deathmatch
Having only played it on PS3 and PC, I can't take part in your get together, but, I can still give opinions on stuff.

Prestige mode is stupid, it's just work for nothing! it's not in the PC version because no one would use it Razz.

R700 +extra damage + deep impact, a generally useful kitout.

I've started liking the autoshottie with 3x frag, sonic BOOM and extreme conditioning for S&D though, it really adds a lot to possible rushes, because no one thinks you can get there so quickly, and you can spam their camp spots with nades asap!
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