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There is absolutely NO excuse...

... as to why Stormtroopers are such monumentally bad shots. There were plenty of times during the films that things could have gone much better for the Empire if only these white-clad retards were able to shoot straight. It's ridiculous, and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

That is all I have to say on the matter.
Cute picture Smile .

My theory is that they are direct descendants of those extras that played the Indians in 1930ies to 1950ies U.S. westerns ... and adding insult to injury, some idiot moron imbecile dimwit degenerate brain-dead prop-man painted all their visors black so they couldn't recognize a death star at 10 meters.
MaxStirner wrote:
some idiot moron imbecile dimwit degenerate brain-dead prop-man painted all their visors black so they couldn't recognize a death star at 10 meters.

(this is the best thread around here)
After further consultations and detailed analysis of pictorial evidence, it seems at least possible that there might be other contributing factors:

  1. The bottle of scotch on the night table is of course obvious, but not to be discounted.
  2. Behind the bottle is an object which could possibly be a pack of tablets of some sort.
  3. How is it that storm-troopers still wear standard wrist-watches? How does one keep track of time zones at the speed of light? No wonder they always show up late.
  4. The object beside the watch definitely looks like the clip used to secure the tubes on a water-pipe. Hmm.
  5. Regrettably, the photo quality was not very good. It would have been interesting to know who he had on speed-dial.
  6. The most interesting detail is the bed, which seems to be a double. It couldn't be that Darth ... nah, .... but it would explain his heavy breathing ....
But if they were competent shots, the world would've been cheated out of an awesome movie and instead would be stuck with a more realistic depiction. Now what fun is that?

That's seriously one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen.

And you're totally right! They are shockingly bad at shooting.
They are all clones of each other as well, so they share their shooting ability.
A great shame to the Empire...
I guess either cloning the same DNA over and over again makes useless shots. Not just that but one of them (at least) is a klutz (banging his head entering that room in "A New Hope") and they're always doing boneheaded crap. Alernatively, maybe they started recuriting people and standards are low OR they don't want to be there. Smile I also have to laugh my @$$ off when Obi Wan says how accurate their shots are. Smile Don't know WHY he would say such a thing. Mocking them perhaps?
I guess the the name elludes me at the moment... "cloners" should've picked a better specimen for sharpshooting than Jango Phat, hm?
Interestingly enough, though, Bubba happens to be a fairly decent marksman.

I maintain it's because the storm troopers are hiding behind all that clunky armor...
but if they were half good at shooting it wouldn't be fair - they'd have the advantage on the bad guys in James Bond, the terminator, the rambo fims and don't forget lethal weapon.

This reminds me of one of the funniest scenes in Loaded Weapon (a must see if you havn't already and you enjoy this thread) in a parody of the famous 'are you feeling lucky' scene from Dirty Harry

'I know what you're thinking - has he fired, 17,331 (OK I don't remember the exact number and can't be a*sed to look it up) shots of 17,332. Truth be told, can't remember myself yada yada yada
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