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[Resolved] Can't get two domains working

I have two domains which are hosted with another DNS provider where I manage the DNS records for the domains. In my CPanel, I tried to add them as parked domains so that I can point CNAME to frihost for my website. However I can not get this working, here is what I want to do.

1) --> /my_home_at_frihost/mydomain1
2) --> /my_home_at_frihost/mydomain2

When I added the domains as parked domains, it says in cpanel that www is added implicitly at start of each domain.

At my dns hosting provider, I created a cname pointing

1) -->

This always takes me to /my_home_at_frihost/

I also tried to create subdomain for parked domains as


This creates subfolders correctly.

I created cnames at DNS end

1) --> --->
2) --> --->

This also takes me to /my_home_at_frihost/

However when i browse to or

This takes me to correct place i-e /my_home_at_frihost/mydomain1 and /my_home_at_frihost/mydomain2

I can't figure out how do I point www to correctly, Can anyone help, if the above makes sense

I'm sure you have your reasons for doing what you're trying to do, but there's a very good reason why letting FRIHost also manage your DNS is recommended. Wink

First, let me tell you why your whole excercise is eventually a waste of time and effort -

The reason one would prefer to use a third party DNS over FRIHost's DNS would be to allow their sites to be accessible even if FRIHost's DNS were down.

The first reason why this is practically useless is that ... in all likelyhood, the only time FRIHost DNS will be down is when the whole server is down - which means your site is not accessible anyway.

The second and definitive reason is the way canonical names (CNAME records) work.
The only difference between "A" record and CNAME record is that the "A" record translates to an IP, whereas a CNAME translates to another hostname ie., is still resolved by FRIHost's DNS, remember ?
When you point your domain to your FRIHost site using a CNAME ... you are, in effect, still using FRIHost DNS servers !

So by using a third party DNS with CNAME records, you are essentially adding an extra DNS lookup to your domain names' resolution and adding another link to the process - making it slower and less reliable in the end !

Anyhow, back to your problem.
sheedatali wrote:
At my dns hosting provider, I created a cname pointing

1) -->

This always takes me to /my_home_at_frihost/
I created cnames at DNS end

1) --> --->
2) --> --->

This also takes me to /my_home_at_frihost/

Parked domains will always reflect the contents of the cPanel base (sub)domain - which is - not a subdomain of the base domain or of a parked domain.

Looking into your account, I can only see one parked domain, and no subdomains whatsoever.
This is the info I got for your parked domain's www record (domain name ingeniously hidden) -
Your A record is: -> -> -> [ ]

[Looks like you have CNAME's]

As you can see, the eventual record is always "" !
For it to work like you want it to, the eventual record should be "" (yes, even though it was "" that you created - it's "" that you must put in the CNAME)

Also, By parking both your domains, you cannot achieve this -
sheedatali wrote:
1) --> /my_home_at_frihost/mydomain1
2) --> /my_home_at_frihost/mydomain2

To achieve that, you must add-on your domains in cPanel. This will put them in separate directories.

There's this another problem with your setup -
sheedatali wrote:
it says in cpanel that www is added implicitly at start of each domain

cPanel makes the www subdomain always point to the same directory root as the TLD ... which means = out of the box !

In all probability, things will not work the same way at a third-party DNS provider.
For example, as of now I can access your domain using But URI doesn't work.
You'll need to explicitly add an "A"/"CNAME" record for the TLD at your DNS provider as well for this to work.

But forget all that ...
This is how I'd recommend you to do it (if you really must avoid using FRIHost's nameservers) -

1. Add the two TLDs at your thirdparty DNS provider.
2. Create "A" records for the TLDs pointing towards FRIHost server's IP address.
3. Create "A" records for the "WWW" subdomains pointing towards FRIHost server's IP address, for each of the above TLD's.
4. Create "A" records for any additional subdomains that you need (say pointing towards FRIHost server's IP address.
5. "Add-on" the TLD's into your FRIHost account.
Thank you very much for a detailed reply, I have changed the records as par your suggestions and it is working fine now. The reason why I never selected Add-On domains feature was because I was under the impression that it would be only available if I use Frihost DNS, which is not the case and the setup is working now.

The reason for me to have DNS in a different place is because I have my mail hosted with google, if my site is down (due to DNS), I still want to be able to receive mail hence I have kept DNS in a different place.

So thanks once again for the help.

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