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I'm wondering who all is in college.

I'm double majoring in IT Network Administration and IT Security. Just wondering if anyone out their are taking these courses, maybe talk with ya and try to help each other through the difficult process of graduating.

Hit me up!

IF you have any questions or anything
College was pretty easy for me. I only took 3 or 4 classes at a time though, because I was working.
Does military tech training count as college? It does give college credit. If so, then I'm still in college now.
My first major: information systems analysis (computers in general), now I'm working on ground radar and general electronics.
Just pay attention and don't be stupid and you'll be all right.
I'm starting a four year computer engineering degree next year. I only recently made this decision. I considered AAS in Computer Tech, and Network admin before deciding I want to get more technical. Do you think I made a good decision? Have you heard much about that major? Anyway, where are you getting you degrees? Are they two or four year?
I am currently a 3rd year physiology student, and life isn't all that fun. Being a life-sciences student, it is hard to find people with decent computer skills or coding knowledge. It's hard to find people with similar interests as me, as I study life-science, box for sports, read books and write/practice program coding for the hell of it.
college, that many people want to, they think there be Ivory tower. but, in fact, according to myself, I don't think so! Because I think the college students will face more pressures in their life, they must study hard, besides, they have to think about their work-career and their school life is too complex. As an example of myself:
I got my college admission ticket in 2003. Then, I'm a senior student, and I was very simple just as now. Think nothing, but study hard. And I remember when I went to my college first time, I was fulled with passion .
Now, I'm a institute student. In my daily life, I can't sleep well at night sometimes, perhaps often. On the one side, thinking about my career and my future, because of the pressure of colleage students' hunting work; On the other hand, some of the students around me, they are always think about themselves without the others' feeling. They may sacrifice others more, to satisfy their purpose sometimes. So, I feel I couldn't do like that. And I haven't done like that. I don't knw why I couldn't do that. I always think for others first. Sad Exclamation [/b]
Nope! Spent 5 years of my life there (undergrad + postgrad) and now I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee! Very nice Very Happy Very Happy
Graduated last year with a BS in Comp Sci.
I'm a college senior majoring in biology. I'll will graduate the end of this school year.

College is what you make of it. There are some people who study night and day and stress out over everything, some who party, drink, or participate in social activities all the time, others who must work to support their education, and still many more who do a mixture of the above.

The most important lesson many college students learn is how to manage their time. With less hours of class a week than high school and less homework but more exams, it's easy to procrastinate until last minute to study. Much of the stress many students feel comes from "exam cramming" time. With proper schedules, most students find their college lives easier... unless they're working a full time job.
Has been too many years ago. I worked full time and had a full time course load most of the time - a long 4 years. Don't want to do that again even as a part time student.
I'm doing my undergrad at the University of Chicago but I'm still not sure what my major will be. I've contemplated English, Gender Studies, Romance Languages with a Specialization in Spanish and Psychology. I'm just so undecided, it sucks so much. I wish I was one of those people who just KNOW what their biggest passion is from the start. Bah.
I study Marketing. Crying or Very sad
raine dragon
I got an AA in Web Design, and then transfered schools and I'm working on a BS in Web Development and Management. Unfortunately, I lost a year by transferring x_x; They kinda saw it as two different majors and assumed that I knew no coding so I started at "this is HTML" x_x; kinda a pain to go from beginning PHP back down to HTML Tables. x_x;

All in all though, I've learned a lot and I'm happy, though panicked about starting my 5th and final year this fall. ^_^
^You lucky. I wish I was studying with you.

HTML Tables? I hope that you are talking about tables to sort content, not for layouts... It should be banished from schools (it's still taught in some places I know Confused ). Wink
Currently going to college in 2nd year. I'm studying computer science and taking all those sweet programming courses. Some electrical engineering courses in there too and, and of course a lot of math. Next year I'll be taking physics courses for a year to satisfy the computer science curriculum requirements. Man, i can't wait.

Man, I dunno.

I mean, it's hard, ya know? And it gives you ulcers. Well, that's actually bacterium, but close enough. Oh and sex. College gets you sex, too. But only in some cases. You know, if you're good looking. Or a chem major. Maybe psychology, but for different reasons.

Besides, I enjoy McDonald's burgers.
I'm a junior majoring in biology but I was a mechanical engineering major because of it. I had enough to graduate within three years, but I decided to take my time and enjoy four years of college.

The most important part of college should be the atmosphere. A larger school gives you more chances to meet people who share the same interests as you but at the same time, it's much more impersonal when it comes to the professors. I study evolution, I do web design for some biology departments, I learn Japanese in my spare time and my number one hobby is to follow baseball.

College is what you make of it. You can study hard, party, go wild. Honestly, the most important part of college is the connections you make and not necessarily what you learn in school. More than half of the information you learn in some majors does not apply once you graduate.
meet in rio
I'm just finishing my second year of uni (majoring in English Lit. and Spanish) and am taking a year out next year to work in Spain. The past two years have absolutely been the best time of my life, and I'm really going to miss the place next year. I hated school, really, and I barely even realised it until I left.

To be honest, I'm not overloaded with work. I'm here mainly to meet interesting people, learn wonderful things (because I honestly do love my subjects) and enjoy a few years of consequence-free living - in that order. Setting myself up for a graduate career is a bonus, but if I were really interested in making myself super-employable then I'd be studying Economics/Dentistry or something. I'm definitely considering doing a post-graduate degree. God bless the Student Loans Company.
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