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Computers are big calculators

All right, in a very simplistic view of things, computers are big calculators. Although they run crazy video games and paly movies and such, in the end, they're just a bigger and badder version of the little pocket calculator you carry around to class. So why don't you have like, really good calculator functions on a computer? Why in Windows is the only calculator a small, relatively hard-to-use thing? Why isn't it uber-awesome?
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
Why isn't it uber-awesome?

You can! - Click View > Scientific.


You have a crazy calculator with all sorts of mad things.
Software, software, software.
All you need is a good calculator program on your computer.
Windows sucks very much in this regard. Most linux distros will come with 2 or 3 good scientific/graphing calculator programs. My favorite distro, SuSE, has an entire menu section for mathematical utilities.

You can download various calculator programs for windows, though, to make up for its lack.
Also, if you had some specific task in mind, you could write a program to calculate the answer.
It's a pain to use a computer's calculator, you might as well have a physical portable calculator. People usually don't bust out a pc to do mathematics. And if you are, you'd probably be using things like Mathematica.

It's simple, not many people need sophisticated calculators to solve most problems, if you were to install such software as Mathematica by default, you're bulking the OS even more.
ocalhoun is correct. Software! I have 3 different calculators on my computer - basic, enginnering & business. Each serves a useful purpose.
Computers can do amazing calculations, but much of the calculations are approximations done with formulas like newton's method. For instance, computer's can't just find the square root of two, instead it's an approximation found with a series of arithmetic calculations.
So really computers are only limited to simple calculations, but they can do so much of it that it can be used to calculate complex formulas, you just need the right algorithm, and that leads to the point that someone made earlier, software, you need the right software to make these calculations.

Have you ever tried MATLAB? it can do some really incredible calculations.
My calculator can play games. It has Tetris. My computer, however, does not have any Tetris software on it at the moment.

I think that makes my calculator more awesome.
IMO, the best calculator software computer... would have to be the Virtual TI (Texas Instruments)
Emulator , with rom dumps. Though you either need to own one of their calculators, or have a friend that has one xD and the calculators are around $80 a pop. so yeah Razz
Agent ME
I know with the TI-89, you can freely download an emulator, and then download the system rom from the official TI website's update page.
You don't really need a full fledged desktop/laptop to do most mathematical calculations that a person will come across. And, calculators, being specifically designed for these quick calculations are generally the best solution. However, more specialized solutions are needed for specific problems, for example, you probably won't find any flow simulations programs that will run on a TI calculator... Rolling Eyes
Linux distrubutions often come with very good calculators.

Whenever I want to do something in Windows XP, I use to open Game Maker, write the function and then use a show_message(string(answer)); to show the answer.
Have you people ever tried Octave? It can do almost anything Matlab can, and it's free. I love it.
Ghost Rider103
I never really thought of it that way, but yeah I guess you are right.

However I hate using my computers calculator, it's just too hard to use for me. I would much rather just use one of the little portable calculators, those are much easier to use than a mouse or a keyboard.

I guess some calculator programs might actually be giving a try if you are using a calculator a lot. Luckly for me, I do not have to use one that much, since I don't do very much math as it is.
Pressing the calculator hotkey and doing calculations using the numpad is easy enough in my opinion.
Scientific functions on the ui of mscalc.exe? Preposterous! You'll have better luck finding halo 2 on your solar calculator. But seriously, there's plenty of calculator programs available for free, and they can graph and perform plenty of functions.

check that out if you're being serious lol
Heh... you can buy MATLAB, MathCAD or something else... Also there are a lot of FLASH calculators... Just type it in google Smile good luck!!!
is there any complete scientific calculator software ?
What's a COMPLETE scientific calculator?
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