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What Is Your Favorite Time Of Year

I was wondering what is everyone's favorite time of the year?

The weather is changing and we already have leaves falling.

Is your favorite time...
Spring or Summer....Fall or Winter

Mine is Fall and Winter.....
Hello ^^
(escuse me for my mistakes but I'm french. I have some problem with english ^^° )

My favourite time is spring XD
It's some cold, and it's rain, but there is sun too ^-^
Y think the same!!!

winter is s good season, but the rain and the wet, wet, wet clothes...
Lucifel wrote:
Hello ^^
(escuse me for my mistakes but I'm french. I have some problem with english ^^° )

My favourite time is spring XD
It's some cold, and it's rain, but there is sun too ^-^
I like sping, but I hate summer -_-0
I hate sun and hot weather. It's the helle for me T_T

Spring powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Very Happy
I like the time when the shadows down fall in the sky.

Time with nebline, in the night, when you take a walk and you can't see ahead more than a few metres.

While you walking through the nebline you can think about the things you can't see in the shadows but may be are there, behind the darkness.

You can imagine are something misterious, that you'll find a new path, hidden between the forest, that leads you to another strange world, parallel dimesion, or you find an older man that says that you are in another land, another life, another beings.
Christmas!! I love getting presents and coming and having a party at my aunt's house ^_^.
summer of course...

But I like too the beginning of the winter, the first snow.
I like it
But summer is best !!
Fall is the best time of year.
Its not too hot or too cold.
Its just the right time to do anything you want to do, except maby swimming.....
Boo ya!
I like summer the best
I think winter is the bes, because I like when its coooooooooooooooooold, I hate it when it's hot hot hot,I like it when it's like at 40s fahrenhite
my friendddddddddddddddddddddd
I'm not alone to like when it's cold ^_^
It sure aint fun here in summer.We get scorched(this time temp went up to 50C).And,winters can also be cold(about 5C is generally the min).

My fav time is Autumn.It is festive time in Bengal.
I like summer, because of summer holidays, and winter, cause my birthday is in December! Laughing
I love winter cause it's cold,although not that cold,and it rains,but usally not a lot.
Although almost every season but mid Summers is pleasent here in the valley of California(all of July was above 100 here this year >.>)
Winter winter winter baby! All the way... well, it's not very surprising since the summers are freakishly hot in India (in most places)... and the best part about winter is waking up at the usual 6.30 am and still finding it pitch black outside... oh, and also being able to take bath with ice cold water in the mornings Very Happy

(No, I"m not kidding, I wake up at 6.30 or so everyday, and take bath with cold water only)
The coldest day in the Winter
Well, in israel it's about 15 degrees celsious, but i'm talking about North Kazakhstan =D
My favourite time of the year is at the Spring - when I have my birthday! Yey!
My favourite time is summer!
I hate winter, its just not relaxing at all.

My favourite would have to be, Spring, and then Summer.

Its a really nice time of year for where I live. Very Happy
my favorite time of year as got to be summer bcos all the hunniz are out sunbathing and the weather is just so relaxing. Cool dude!
My favourite seasons are spring and summer: the first for its wonderful fields, the second for the sea!
definitely Fall. Cooler weather, campfires, the smell of burning leaves, corn mazes in Lancaster, and of course HALLOWEEN!!! word!
I live very near to the Equador Line, so i don't have well defined seasons, it's pretty much the same all the year here. Sad
Summer, of course!
a little bit winter..
I like it around christmas people usually happier then Very Happy
End of school term for summer is good but theres usually exams then.
SharKay wrote:
I was wondering what is everyone's favorite time of the year?

The weather is changing and we already have leaves falling.

Is your favorite time...
Spring or Summer....Fall or Winter

Mine is Fall and Winter.....

Um.. I stay in Bangalore and the weather is really good through out the year. I like rainy season the best
I like winter(only with a lot of snow!!!!)
And i like summer Because i am living near Black Sea Laughing
Fireman Joe
Frelina wrote:
I like summer, because of summer holidays, and winter, cause my birthday is in December! Laughing

hehehe, here in Australia, December is summer - also my birthday Very Happy
My favourites are summer and winter.
summer because of the fantastic heat and thunderstorms, and winter because of the beautiful snow (yes, snow in Australia exists!) and rain. The mist over the lake is beautiful ^^
from the tropical island of singapore. well besides blistering sun with humid air... we have rain. I vote for the monsoon season Smile
I like fall and spring Smile A bit strange pair, but they are both not too hot nor too cold. And like the kind of depressive atmosphere during fall and the happy feeling seeing things grow during spring.
duh summer is the best because there's no school! Cool
Hoogeveense RAT
My favorite time is Spring. Then isn't it too cold and isn't it too hot. I don't lijke Fall bezause it's only raining here in Holland
Anytime between start of spring and end of summer.
summer. i think....
*pokes my username* I love cold weather, although we don't even get (local) snow in Australia. Razz Autumn/winter for me.
My favorite time is fall.. summer is too hot here, winter too cold, spring is full of mixed weather and rain. During fall the temperature is just right.
My favourite season is winter. well, since i live in a tropical island, that's not really winter like in the north. Summer here is well too hot.
i defently like the summer the most. in israel we always go to the sea to get a tan and meet some nice and beautiful israeli girls. absoloutly the best season of the year.
Central-European summer, because in this period I don't have to be in the school Laughing
i got only two options here. between rainy and not rainny season. i like rainy season since the temperature become little bit colder than usual. it's warm in here, and i can stand with temperature below 20 celcius. i like warm place like here Razz
i like the summer because your out of school and u get to hang out with your friends and go out on vacation , you get to go swimming , or even tanning ect........ Cool !
Very hard question. I love them all.

I have to say though that I really like Christmas time. The landscape are beautiful here and I've always loved the nostalgia of Christmas.

And I also love the bright, hot summer days, and the orange-red fall ones.

I think the only season I don't really like is spring. I know it is associated with reborn life, but it is too wet, and I am too engrossed in my studies to notice Crying or Very sad
Loathing in Fear
i loooooove christmas and spring Razz
Me, it's Christmas time! I love it. It's all snowy and nice Smile Also, the best part is... no school =D Hehe (I know there's no school during summer, but I hate the heat T___T) Especially when it gets way too humid :S
Hmm, my favorite time of the year, well since its COLD here i will have to say Summer, but when summer comes around ill say winter Wink
my favorite time is spring.
I love the weather during January to March.
Lucifel wrote:
I like sping, but I hate summer -_-0
I hate sun and hot weather. It's the helle for me T_T

Spring powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Very Happy

i like summer.All is green in summer.Looks so fine Smile
My favourite season is probably Fall because of the nice colors of the trees and the fresh smell outside... I love autumn.
I love spring and summer.
Spring is the awakening after the dark badlands of winter, where flowers show through the ground, snowdrops and daffodils especially, reminding us that there is a world of color and beauty just waiting to return again! My birthday is also around this time as well so obviously that makes me smile!
Summer... wow, what can I say, reasonably warm sea, sun and sand-castles, it doesn't get better than that really to me!!! Very Happy
Spring. The rebirth of nature.
My favourite time is winter because i living in the hot country
Summer and spring!

No matter the season or month Razz
My favorite season is autumn. All the leaves look cool, the weather isn't too hot, my birthday is in October, and I just like the atmosphere.
like everyone, i love the spring season.
everything is just beautiful around with the flowers blooming and the trees going green, everything is just awesome.
I really feel refreshed viewing those beautiful scenes.
Those few precious days scattered around the year where it's not quite soon enough for shops to be advertising any of Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day etc.

Alternatively, and less cynically, the few warm days after Winter where you can relax in the sun and just kind of carelessly doze or something.
Autumn, definitely. Leaves are a beautiful color- it's full of wonderful windy days, and it's a little bit cold. Lovely indeed Very Happy.
It is kind of sad but there is only "summer" in my country. We are located along the equator, and thus its warm the whole year round! Beginning of the year would be my favourite, because everything starts fresh!
I think all seasons have something nice.
During wintertime you can sit cosy inside with hot cocoa and it's Christmas in wintertime!
Spring is beautiful with all the flowers which start to grow, it's like nature revives after a long period.
Summer is warm and you can go to the beach, swim, hang out...
And autumn is pretty with all the coloured leaves, and the beautiful forests...
I think all seasons have something nice.
During wintertime you can sit cosy inside with hot cocoa and it's Christmas in wintertime!
Spring is beautiful with all the flowers which start to grow, it's like nature revives after a long period.
Summer is warm and you can go to the beach, swim, hang out...
And autumn is pretty with all the coloured leaves, and the beautiful forests...

I do have to agree that all seasons have their good points. It also reminded me of something my friend once told me. He told me that people tend to enjoy the weather/season of another country better, especially when going for tour. For example, people from my country would enjoy the winter and snow of other country since we are having hot weather all year round. Similarly, people from colder country enjoy the warm weather here as they can enjoy the sunshine by the beach. The idea is something like "The grass is always greener on the other side."
I prefer Summer, its warmer and women dress better :p
I'm definitely a summer person, no doubt about it. I love the heat, most people complain about it, but I can't get enough of it. Fall is probably my second favorite time of the year, mainly because I love the color of the leaves and I'm a Halloween fanatic. Spring is good too, just because it's a reminder that summer is on it's way, that gets me in a good mood. Winter is my least favorite time of the year. I always get depressed during the winter, I can't stand the cold or snow. I'm also not a big fan of Christmas, I don't know why, I think it's all of the corny music and lame celebrations.
I would have to say Spring. However I like all of the other seasons for different reasons as well as have things I don't like about them. Spring is my favorite because of the fresh growth, the cool but warming temperature, and the new sounds that I miss from being stuck in Winter for 5 months.
I like summer, because this is when you can have all kinds of outdoor activities. Picnics, beach parties, biking, walking, camping, etc. I like winter because I'm tired of the heat of summer and just want some time to cool down, plus the snow storms make everything look awesome.
I like summer. Most of my relative and friends are teachers. They get vacation in march to june.
Well i used to think it is best in summer, when you dont have to wear a lot of clothes. and do alot of sports.

However in winter one cannot go to the street without wearing a lot like a bear.. But playing with snow is certanly a fantastic thing to do .....Also christmas is in winter..

So every season is good in its own way i think .
I'm going to go with Autumn. I love to see the weather change and the trees become beautiful with all different kinds of colour.
Well, I like the cooler months like fall and winter but I love swimming so I guess I like summer.
Favorite time: Christmas time, because we get a break from school, and we get to spend time with family. But since I see a lot of people are talking about their favorite season: my favorite season is summer. I know a lot of people don't like it because it's hot and everything, but I like hot weather. I prefer it over cold weather. Less clothes you have to pile on, and the rain is nice too.
I like summer and winter – if there is a lot of snow. I don’t like rainy days and those changes of temperature during the day when you don’t know what to wear... Mad
Mrs Lycos
I like the summer , because i can go the beach with friends , swim , and other things.
But i love the season of the rain ^^. I want everyone to get wet Twisted Evil
During winter I long for summer, during summer I long for winter. Both have pros and cons.
I think.. winter because u have cristmas and that's my favorite holliday Very HappyVery Happy
My favourite time of year is summer ... around April and May ... that is the best time ... besides my birthday, there are many other things ... for example, the summer holidays, the European season end of football ... and much more to look forward to!
Although every time that god has given is good but I like rainy season most, thunderstorms, hail. I like it the most. I desire to walk on a lonely road holding an umbrella while thunderstorms strike overhead.

Extreme summers and Winters are unbearable. In Winters the cool water of the tab makes it difficult to even wash hands!!
For Cape Town, South Africa Spring definitely gets my vote. Temp hits 20-27 Celcius. Calm still days, with buzz of new beginnings & refreshing "summer" showers. Nice.

Summers push into 35Cel, with hot sticky dusty winds. Autumn's dry with lot's of veld fires. Winter's dark & miserable with Cape Storms causing lots of wreckage & flooding.

But all year round there's the view of sea & mountain, can't be beat. Have choice of warm indian ocean current or chilling Atlantic current for a dip in the ocean.
My favorite time of the year is Oct 7th thats my birthday Very Happy
summer time 4show
My favorite season is definitely summer. I hate cold, and I don't mind heat.
I like the times when it's hot outside because some like it hot, though I admit that some sweat when the heat is on.
Well I guess it has changed a lot through the years for me... The recent years it has been fall and winter, mainly because of a good excuse to be relaxing indoor with some lousy tv or such:P Though slowly it is changing towards the summer I guess. This has gradually happened after becoming a student, where you don't really need any excuses for being inside by yourself other than the papers you're supposed to write. So when the opportunity is there - and the weather is nice - I wanna be out there sucking in the sun...
I am for the summer and the winter! Because in the summer you can bronze in the sun and in the
winter you can skate on the ice. That is why I love the winter and summer the most.
Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.

I hate winter.... I don't like autumn.
Halloween, definitely.
I like winter and summer. I like winter if there is a lot of snow, snow is the best part of winter, and we don't get much around here, we're around 7 inches below average. Sad

Summer is fun too because it's warm and you can go do many things that winter limit you (outdoor sports and RC hobbies for example).
I'm not a fan of cold weather. Probably why I live in Florida. So I would say spring, summer, or fall. Definitely not winter.
My favorite season is Late Spring and Early Summer.

Late summer means it is changing to fall which means winter. Wink
I like winter, the winter climate not too cold in my country. That's the best time for me. Smile
Okay, so I need points, so you lot are going to read my long spiel about um... winter. Yup, my favorite time of year is when I freeze my butt off and shake and shiver in -20 to -30 degree below weather. Guess where I live? Not going to say, however, its someplace where the hateful blistering summer sun only lasts for 2 and a half months thank god. And believe it or not, we get upper nineties in the few days of summer that we have. Thats a huge range of temperatures. Anyways, I desist, I like winter because its easier to sleep, the snow of course, the feeling of a nice warm blankie, and um, lets see, the snow. I also like the fact that if the snow is deep enough you can safely find an excuse to chuck ur little brother off the roof or something. (not that i have a little brother). Okay, rambling. Snow. Winter. Yup. Good. Thanks. Bye.
My favourite time of the year would have to be around late July-early August for one reason and one reason only - its TAX RETURN TIME WOOOO Razz

Summer is my favourite season followed closely by Spring but hey down here in sunny Perth it's great all year round. So my favourite time of the year is when I check my bank account or go to withdrawal money shortly after completing my taxes and BANG the money takes me by surprise and is there in my bank account!!!

That is probably one of the best days of the year.

Thankyou for reading,
That's a hard choice for me... Confused
In the summer it's warm, you can play outside, go mountainbiking, bbq'ing,...
But in the winter it's nice and cousy and you can easily make an eveningwalk and such...

But I think my vote goes to the Summer. Very Happy

Adri Wink
For me the best part of season is the rainy season, You can see the nature at its best this time of the year, That cool water coming down from heaven and giving life to earth, awesome it is!!
I like the spring. It's warm enough to go to the beach but it's not boiling and uncomfortably hot. For me that is perfect weather.
My favorite time of the year is definitely summer and spring, it's warmer and everyone seems happier. I can't wait for Spring to finally come, atm there's last remnants of Winter here and I'm eagerly waiting for it to get over...
I love the warm weather starting in the late spring and not ending to early fall. I cannot wait for spring at this point. We have had more than enough snow to amuse us this winter. Enough is enough now. Bring on the sunshine and greenery. I'm so ready for spring!!!

Snow Snow go away!!! Come again a different day (like next year) lol...
Spring. You;re not too cold or not sweaty and hot, its JUST right. Even justified as worst pollen season (im very allergic) i still like it.
I love autumn and winter. Spring is also fine but I don't like summer.
I would have to say Spring is my favorite time of the year. I don't like all the Spring rain, but I'm so tired of the 6 months of snow I'm happy to see life. Laughing I love when everything starts to green up and grow. I don't like the heat of the summer and the fall is too much work. The first month or so of winter is cool, but it gets old fast.
I love Fall because of a few reasons. For one, its nice and cool, and its also my birthday season. I also get to do Marching bad, one of my favorite activites because I have so much with my friends.
Spring and fall are my favourites. April/May and September/October. April/May always seem to be lucky for me too, all of my major moves have been made during these two months. They are purposeful months. September and October are beautiful weather months for travelling, or just chilling out. Nice breather after hot summer months. In the Middle East December through to February/March are the equivalent months I like to September and October in Vancouver, Canada. It then cools down and one can actually breathe freely for at least during those months. It even rains a few times in January. March April, through to May are good months for diving in the Middle East. I usually feel excited getting to those months. September through to February are either windy, choppy or too cold for diving.
My favorite time of the year is Summer!!! I love the sun! But I also like the spring - only when it's not raining and everything around is green, yellow, purple .... with one word colorful.
Christmas time, Holy Week, Summer, and Rainy seasons.
WINTER. ha the perfect season. cold in my country. its rare to have cool weather. it rains as well but at least the weather is cool.
Well, I prefer spring. Because it's not too hot, and not too cold. And the days are pretty long and the atmosphere is great Smile
Spring and summer are the best seasons in the year. The worst is winter. Autumn is the saddest.
I would like a new year day and a full moon day on august(in lunar calendar).
Because those two days are very big days in my country. in those days, all family members gether in my parent's house and have some ceremonies. many of you know a new year day. but don't know about the full moon day on august. it's similar to thanks giving day in western countries.
lots of people, maybe 1/3 of people in my country, come back to their parent's home. so there are terrible traffic jam.
My favourite is fall. I don't like summer much, hay fever ><". Winter is too cold and there's no snow where I have winter (Australia). I also love spring, it's so nice to see the blooming flowers and leaves on trees beginning to grow back again.
My favourtite seasen is Spring . Spring is a new star . All trees are green in the Spring . So my name is spring567 .
I enjoy Late Spring the most as Winter is cold where I live (10 Fahrenheit) so I don't enjoy winter too much and summer can be a bother with all the heat and it makes you want to do nothing all day.

My only complaint with Autumn is that winter is on the horizon and allergy season is no fun.

I'm enjoying right now actually. Smile
I enjoy all the seasons. I think I like autumn the most, it's the most colorful(depending where you are). Autumn has a sort of melancholy beauty to it, the colors are so vibrant, but the weight of winters cold is an impending death sentence to all that beauty. It makes me appreciate the fleeting moments of pure joy that we have in autumn, and in life.
christmas time.... its cold during that time here in our country...
I would have to choose Summer because I can do whatever I please without getting into any trouble. hehehe... Smile
My favorite day of the year is the first day of Summer vacation

But theres also Winter, I like that for snowboarding. I hate Summer heat, but like vacation!
My favorite time of year is summer! Cool OK, spring can also be very enjoying time. I like warm weather, and not having to wear all those winter clothes. I like going out in the summer evening, it is something that makes me very happy. Smile
The only case I like winter is when there is a lot of snow, but that is something I can hardly remember as winters are getting warmer and warmer each year. Mad
September, it's spring, my birthday, the AFL grand final, and I just love it.
upenggsoc favorite time of the is my birthday! weehhh.. it's the day i received lots of gifts.. and it's like all i can see in the faces of many are their smiles..

I like Autumn, pretty leaves, the smell of log fires, that nice part of the year just as it turns, before it gets bone crackingly cold. Having said that I like snow too and mountains, and logfires and sleighrides urgh......*drifts off in to dream land of Patrick Dempsy and sleigh rides in the snow...*
..............oh and add to that no hayfever or mosquitoes!!!!
I love fall. Except now I live somewhere where there's almost no fall...until december-ish and then it gets a little bit like the autumn that I know. I love the leaves, the colors, the smells, Halloween, pumpkins, apples, apple cider, apple picking, apple pies, thanksgiving, all of it.
SharKay wrote:
I was wondering what is everyone's favorite time of the year?

The weather is changing and we already have leaves falling.

Is your favorite time...
Spring or Summer....Fall or Winter

Mine is Fall and Winter.....

Same here, fall and winter for ever! Laughing
Now is auturn. I like this time of year now.
I used to like winter. Until few years ago, winters were much colder and there was a lot of snow. I liked those several weeks of snow. Now, there is just some snow that looks more like rain… Instead of enjoying your view, now you can only get dirty while going to work. Mad I really miss those years.
Now, I definitely like summer. I adore summer! Warmer, better. Cool
Spring or summer time. Everything is green in spring time. Fresh air.
During summer, if I am living in not so hot area, it is really good. Also, I can stay long hours outside during the night during summers. During cold, it seems rather impossible.
I pretty much like all times of year

Any time from Late May until Labor Day is my favorite time of year because you get to go swimming outside and that is my favorite thing to do. It's really beautiful outside. There's no school. YAY! I don't mind the heat, but the only thing I don't like about this time of year is when it gets to be 100 degrees or hotter.

Anytime from the day after Labor Day - the Day before Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite time of year because it's really beautiful outside. I love doing things outside and seeing leaves changing colors. The only thing I don't like about this time of year is you have to go back to school and you can't go swimming outside.

Anytime from March - Mid May is my 3rd favorite time of year because you can start doing alot of outdoor things outside and it's beautiful outdside alot. As I said I love doing things outside and I also love to see the flowers bloom. You can do activities as much as you can in the fall, although you may not get to do them as much because there are also alot of rainy days at this time of year and I don't like rain. School is another thing I don't like about this time of year

Anytime from Thanksgiving - February is my least favorite time of year because you can't really do as much outside, but I really like the snow and I do like to do snow activities. I don't mind the cold, but what I don't like about this time of year is school, when it gets to be below 13 degrees, and school
I absolutely hate this time of the year in the Middle East. Heat is approx 45 degrees Celsius by midday. One really only ventures out between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. if there is no other choice, and one has a car in mint condition with an excellent AC system Wish I could be in Vancouver, Canada as April May are two of the most beautiful months in the City. Tulips everywhere, and Stanley Park is in great shape.
Autumn and Spring are the best seasons according to me. Neither too hot nor too cold. I really hate summer and the heavy rain. They make the city life collapsed.
bukaida wrote:
Autumn and Spring are the best seasons according to me. Neither too hot nor too cold. I really hate summer and the heavy rain. They make the city life collapsed.
Me too, I'm also an autumn and spring person, both are great. Very Happy
I'm definitely a spring and autumn kind of guy. In these seasons, you avoid the real extremes (hot and cold) and get a nice temperate atmosphere. These are also the transition seasons where life is drastically changing to prepare for the next extreme season.
The seasons vary so much with position that it is not really possible to say anything 'general' about this. I, for example, like spring and summer in the UK, but that is winter/autumn in Ozz, and I wonder if those would be my favourites if I lived in, say, New York - I suspect not.
Well..for me Its the Winter season i love the most and enjoys it !!
That lovely sun behing the fog and the wait for sun warmth and the room heaters...!! That is so lovely..!!

I can't bear Summer season..It sucks !
I love the summer and I love the winter.
But I don't love when we are between those seasons.

(I hate Fall, even if it's beautiful and spring)
Really mother nature has offered us so many variations-summer, autumn, winter, spring, rain etc etc.
Every one has one to pick up. If only we had such wide options in every field of our life !!
mine is spring.
there is cold which is fine because there is no sweat.
there is a little sun shine here and there sometimes which makes it bearable.
i see as a combination of winter and summer i love it.
Greatking wrote:
mine is spring.
there is cold which is fine because there is no sweat.
there is a little sun shine here and there sometimes which makes it bearable.
i see as a combination of winter and summer i love it.
I guess the best part of spring in Holland and also in Vancouver, BC Canada of all places are multi-coloured tulips everywhere. Very Happy
Spring! Its nice and cool and everything is the right temp Very Happy

Summer is nice and all but its too hot Very Happy

Winter is too cold Rolling Eyes

Autumn...its kinda like spring except colder Wink
The season I like most is spring,
When the weather is nice and birds sweetly sing,
The sun's warmth is just so great,
Anyone who doesn't agree the please debate... Smile
sounds like a poem.
fall is nice. not so hot.
I prefer winter for quite a number of reasons which I will mention but a few.

1. Reduced bills [Water and light]
2. Improved skin coloration.
3. Calm environment [as most people will be indoors]
cinco5 wrote:
3. Calm environment [as most people will be indoors]
I definitely agree with this one. I remember when I was still living in Vancouver, and it used to rain a lot. Not real rain, but irritating incessant drizzle. And it was winter on top of it all. There would be lots more space on the pavements when I was going for my walk. That is one good part of it. But the parts I don't like are the short hours in the day and the greyness around. 4:00 p.m. it would already be almost dark. On the other hand, I did do birdwatching and it was the duck season then. It has its rewards.
Very Happy
summer is not so cold, fall is not so hot. I like both of these two.
Winter. Mid Februrary, when it's coldest. I like building fires, and this is one of the safest times to do so. Dog sledding in the north, and all the rest of the winter sports are really fun as well.
My favourite time is winter. I got more energy to work at this time. But alas In my area of West Bengal (In India) most of the time of year is summer
My favourite time is Fall and Winter.
My favorite time of the year is mid August to the end of September. The weather here in Kentucky finally gets to the point that it's bearable. Not too hot, not too cold. We catch a break on our heating/cooling bills and it's still warm enough outside to do outdoor activities.
I like the smell of the rain!
I like it in the Spring time, everything looks so green and alive
never had winter, spring or fall....but i always love sunny days...
i like spring,it has lots of sun and i love the sun,it gives me clothes is enough ,but if in winter i have to wear a lot and couldn't move freedom.
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