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Report: GTAIV 'poised' to make $400M in one week

Sources "close to" Take-Two Interactive tell Variety presell figures indicate the darkly comic PS3/360 crime spree will have the biggest debut of all time.

There's no question that Grand Theft Auto IV will have a massive debut. How massive, exactly? Today, Variety predicted the Rockstar Games title could see biggest entertainment property launch of all time when it goes on sale worldwide on April 29 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Hollywood trade claims that "sources close to publisher Take-Two Interactive," which owns Rockstar Games, have been tracking how many units of GTAIV they have pre-sold to retailers. According to said sources, the publisher believes 6 million units of the Rockstar North-developed game will sell during its first week on the market, generating over $400 million in revenue.
has oneone any facts about differences between the versions? Framerate, grapfics a.s.o.

I'm planning to buy a PS3 - instead of my crappy xbox 360...

Anyhow - this game can't go wrong - hm its only one thing - bad framerate...
FWIW apparently the PS3 version has the edge in terms of graphics and loadtimes.

Out today! Who's getting it then?
Not me!!!!! Twisted Evil i don't have a 360 or a ps3, and i'm not gonna get either any time soon.
Wait, I remember reading this before somewhere...

Anyways... I've never really liked the series all that much, so I don't intend to get this. Saw a Fox special on this morning. It's been out for a very short period of time and it's already controversial. I guess it's just a lightning rod for anti-videogame activists. Who are really scary people.
as long as it keeps us interesting !!!!
I have my copy but can't play it until tomorrow... I hope these numbers make jack thompson happy.
Kelcey wrote:
I have my copy but can't play it until tomorrow... I hope these numbers make jack thompson happy.

the game kicks-ass

not strange its sell so good

its the game im waiting sinds GTA:SA and its even better then i was dreaming:D
The PS3 version runs at 620p compared to the 360's 720p. They look slightly diffrent, as they render things slightly diffrent, but for the most part they are the same. I think its really prefrence.

Personally I like haivng acheivements and having DLC, so I'd go for the 360 version if i could choose both.

Here is a vid of the two running if you want to compare:
The game is sweet, I've been going over my friends house constantly and playing it. Hopefully a PC version will get released in Q4.
i saw that video posted... Hm the roumors say that the PS3 version should be better - still i cant miss that the vidoe looks brighter on the 360 version???? Is it a marketing commersial???

The eye go for brighter stuff so... besides I really couldn't tell - hm maybe the framerate was better on the 360 but ps3 looked smoother... strange...

OK, well I tell you this : my 360 is loud n too hot... go for the ps3 version on a 40gb machine - the 40 gb is more silent...
So far with what I've seen, the PS3 is better graphically than the 360. I played the game on my friend's HDTV so the graphics were very clear and crisp. Or maybe my visual acuity is off. I won't be getting the game as I don't own either a PS3 or 360. I won't own the game until it gets ported over to the PC which may take a long time.
All I have is my trusty PC, so hopefully I wont have to wait too long for the pc version to come out so i can make my purchase. Hopefully the wait will be worth it with better graphics and extra features. Will have to bunk at my friends house and play it on their ps3 until i get my hands on it Very Happy
Woah! This game seems to be getting 10/10 everywhere!!!
Why the hell didnt Rockstar release a PC version :X
Ended up making 500M already. That's insane.
It's best game, not overrated what so ever.
Indyan wrote:
Woah! This game seems to be getting 10/10 everywhere!!!
Why the hell didnt Rockstar release a PC version :X

They will, trust me. Porting takes a little time, give it a few months.
the history of the GTA series, THIS ONE WAS A MASTER PIECE!!!
one main crutch that holds true is the game's strong story telling.

interesting characters, fantastic twists, great grafics and a involving history make this an epic.
due to buggy game play and some relatively dodgy controls, I thing that the game kept from reaching perfection.
I have it on the Sony PlayStation 3 and it's absolutely phenomenal!! Very Happy Cool I keep playing it 7 hours a day and I like calling fast GT cars with the mobile phone and go around chasing people and just going mad-driving and crazy Laughing haven't got the chance to try the online mode, anyone here tried it Question
Great game, great sales. It's a rule Cool
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