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templatf designing

how should i make a template?can u guys give me tips on gaming sites?what color(s) i should use,what color text,what color for the banner to fit in,etc
Try to look at the best gaming sites you know, look at their colors and layouts and you'll get a good idea of how it is usually done.
Then try to develop your own design based on theirs but being original and different if possible Wink
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romeo123 wrote:
how should i make a template?can u guys give me tips on gaming sites?what color(s) i should use,what color text,what color for the banner to fit in,etc

Making a template will depend on your CMS. Some CMS have easier template schemes than others. Read your documentation.

But, generally, you want to use divs instead of tables to organise your content. Use XHTML if you can for standard's sake. HTML 4 is acceptable as well. Hand coding these things will give you the best control, and will give you much more satisfactory results.

I would suggest making a color scheme which aptly fits the game, or genre. For example, if you were making a Half-life site, a black on white, with solid orange-on-white menu headers might look good. Just remember the color wheel, and make sure you never pick colors which are next to each other for foreground/background (e.g. Don't use blue for background and purple for text). If you have dark tints, white text works good. If you have light shades, black text looks good. Make sure they contrast good, however.
Do you have any previous background knowledge in Photoshop or some other graphic design software?

If you do or do not, first thing I would do is try learning from tutorial websites on how to create graphical art, such as banners, wallpapers, whatever. From then on, you'll have an idea of what its like to create graphics. Try designing your own; be creative, experiment! Afterwards, there are 2 separate paths you can take, one is that would could learn html, and then on to php, javascript, ajax, whatever, and code your own website after you've created the necessary materials, or the other route, where you use Photoshop's built in template designer. It codes for you; all you have to do is set your forms. Since you have knowledge on how to create graphics, website designing will be somewhat easy. Also, go to other websites; just look around, use them as examples. You can use their techniques and ideas and incorporate it into your own or use, to the extent where it doesn't become plagiarism, them as guidelines. The possibilities are endless. Hope this helps and good luck.
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