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Which CPU is better? Pentium D or DualCore

I Have a Pentium D 925 3 GHz 2MB L2 Cache FSB 800 MHz

and I can replace it for a Pentium DualCore E2140 1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache FSB 800 MHz.

Which one is better for gaming?
Dual Core, You can overclock it to 3.0 on box cooling and stock vcore. It is also very cheap CPU. Now I have that settings:

Crysis @1680x1050 - 40fps on high detail.
Race07 @1680x1050 - 80-120fps (solo) on full detail AAx4, Anizo 4x
Next week I will be testing Bioshock Smile for sure overclocked CD is good choice for games.
Dual Core all the way. I would recommend staying away from the quad-cores for a little while longer, but dual-core is definitely gonna be your better gaming choice.
but Pentium D 925 is DualCore too and has 1MB more of L2 Cache.

I can't afford additional cooling, i'm gonna use it as is. is it still a good choice? Question
E21XX -> Core
Pentium D -> Netburst

Pentium D != Core

Pentium D is consuming more power, emitts more heat & You can't overclock it as good as Core. Buy Core.
i would also have to say core
Look up it all at Basicly the Pentium D was the first Intel Duel Core, it wasn't bad for it's time, but the Conroe 2.4Ghz Stock 3.6Ghz OC-Air(Core 2 Duo) is much better. The next generation of processors is the Penyns, with the Wolfendale the name of the desktop model that runs about 3.0 Ghz and OC on Air to an easy 4.0Ghz. The cream of the crop and the best processor to get right now by far is the Yorkfield Intel's Quad Core Processors it runs slightly slower then the Wolfendale when OC to like 3.8Ghz, but it is a quad-core with a large memory cache and only cost $250.
Finally core is the best choice, less heat and power, and more perfomance even though the L2 is too short.
isn't pentium D dual-core, though it is the first generation. if u r referring to core 2 duo, then obviously core 2 duo is better than pentium D.
There's a good article at Legion Hardware about how to overclock a Pentium Dual Core E2160, with lots of images and graphic stats, awesome!! Very Happy
Mine E2160 is now @2.9 on stock Vcore Smile And will be 3.2, when I change cooling and PSU Wink 2x more fps in CPU bench in Crysis after OC from 1.8.
The dual-core is simply 2 p4's smashed together on a faster fsb. The core is actually a dual processor from the begining of creation. The dual-core was made by intel to compare to amd's x2 processor and was shot into production in just a few months.
Not to be irritating, but its core 2 duo and not dual core, cuz pentium D is dual core too. And another thing to look at, the new Pentium d's are also based on the Core2duo, but are just the cheaper ones, with less speed, cache, functions etc. so its just the price that would matter, but if you would go for pentium D, it would be smart to look if it really is the good one, becouse older pentium D's arent based on core2duo and they are actually very bad
Go with the Core 2 Duo E2140. It is a newer architecture, and will work much, much better.
intel pentium dual core e2140 is not a core duo! dual core & core duo are defferents!!! dual core is asmall amount of cache and fsb max to 800 but core duo cache start at 2m cache and 1066fsb to 1333fsb!
bri4n5 wrote:
I Have a Pentium D 925 3 GHz 2MB L2 Cache FSB 800 MHz

and I can replace it for a Pentium DualCore E2140 1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache FSB 800 MHz.

Which one is better for gaming?

Dual-core of course. Pentium is no much with dual-core. dual cores double the speed of your processor.
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of course dual core is better do not look at the frequency or cache just look at benchmarks, pentium D is very old but dual cores are from two generation later so they consume less power and are more powerful, another example is new celeron , a CPU like celeron G550 is a lot more powerful than many core2Dous while it is a celeron !
Not relevant. Core i5 is better!

Yeah, well... -close-
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