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music editing software

does anyone know a free music editing software which will let me isolate all the instruments in a song if i want to?
Isolating specific instruments in a sound wave is incredibly difficult. If you do find some software which is actually any good please post it but the best I've ever found would only strip vocals and even then didn't do it very well.
That is going to be VERY difficult. I agree with the above poster. If you find one, PLEASE let me know.
riyadh wrote:
does anyone know a free music editing software which will let me isolate all the instruments in a song if i want to?

Audacity program seems to be good audio editor. It is free and powerful, also have plug-ins support.
May be the using a filter could help you.
+1 for Audacity. Really splendid program.
The new Melodyne software is supposed to be able to do that. It's not released yet, but if you're planning to save up a couple hundred, check it out:
i have tried looking for it in the google dot com sometime back but failed miserably. tried with many combinations and this and that but still couldn't manage it. well like the other guys says... let us know when you find it
what's the software CSI uses every day ? Very Happy
try find out about Sound Forge..Good for sound editing...I've been using it fora few years.
I really like Audacity - it's fantastic for mixing vocals/accompaniment and such. ...and the fact that it's FREE still blows my mind today.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you should definitely give the program a go:
Its pretty much impossible to do what you are requiring... in the good days... you would have instruments on 1 channel and vocals on another... jobs a good un...

but now each instrument has its own channel and then all merged into the standard 2 layers... so you really cannot split the instruments from the track... unless you have analyser which strips it out but i extremely doubt that...
unless you are working with MIDI. i think pretty hard for mp3 or wav. unless you edit the sound wave. change the instrumental amplitude. but it'll takes very long time.
I also use Sound Forge 9.0. It's not a problem to find Crack. Later lined links. Smile
Audacity is the best free software for your purpose.
Audacity is the best software for music editing. The features it possess is simply mindblowing and more over it is free.
A part that is difficult/impossible isolating single instruments in a wave recorded song -

Audacity is NOT the best editor in my opinion: I don't find it very ergonomic.
At the moment I am using ReZound, that is a bit rough draft, but I prefer it at the former.
And for multitrak recording/editing I wish raccomand TRAVERSO that is great Wink
I would vouch for GarageBand though its not free.. .you could try it if you have iLife preinstalled on your mac...
It's not free but I use
Acoustica Mixcraft

you can download sounds effects or instrument sounds and it's really nice. Kinda tricky if your new at it but over time you get the hang of it. It's only $64.95 not really that big of price but worth it.
Isolating sounds would be near impossible, assuming we are talking about a wave or mp3 file.

Audacity, sound force gold wave etc will let you edit sounds, ie filter, add echo etc but you will not be able to split a sound once it has been mixed down.
HamsterMan wrote:
+1 for Audacity. Really splendid program.

cool program indeed Very Happy
Are you sure Question
Ok it is good, but I didn't like Audacity so much... I find it very mouse dependent.
And (unfortunately) gnome based if I remember.
If you are talking about isolating specific instruments from your bog standard stereo audio file that is near to impossible. You see instruments cross over into other instruments frequency ranges, therefore kind of indefinitely mashing them together. The only circumstance where you would be able to isolate a specific instrument is if it were VERY high strings or something and you only had sub bass on the track as well. With normal songs I think you will find doing this kind of thing is difficult. However isolating certain frequency ranges may help you hear specific parts of a song more clearly (if you are trying to figure out the notation for a certain instrument for example this may be helpful).

Try playing around with an EQ in anything and you should be able to make some instruments clearer in the mix. Audacity is quite powerful and you can isolate specific frequency ranges quite easily.

Hope that helped.
Ya, separating instruments is vvvvveeerrryyy difficult, and the best freeware i've found is Audacity, and I don't believe that it can do that
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