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one day left to live!

you have one day left to live what do you do in those 24 hours????

simple question, variety of answers, this should be fun.
I would tell people how much I love them and go to the Church to pray.
I will spend that day with my faimly if they do not know that I only have one day left. If they know then, I will try to do trill seeking games where I can go as close to death I can i-e bungee jumping, shooting off the plane, para gliding etc. If i can not do that either then I will try to spend the day where wild animals are helped and taken care of.

There are other things are too but I can not list them all here.
I would jump off of a building at 23.99 hours, then i could die in the air!
Zombie wrote:
I would jump off of a building at 23.99 hours, then i could die in the air!

How would a guy dead for 39 minutes jump off a building?

Now seriously (and this is not directed at Zombie, it's for EVERYONE)

This is already a spam-inviting theme. If you really want this to stay open, give decent replies and try and elaborate on your answers. If i see spam replies I'll trash the entire topic (and all points gained replying here will be lost in the process, so it's a loose-loose situation)


If I had 24 hour left to live, I'd probably spend them with my family. Naturally, the ones that wanted to say goodbye to me would have to come and visit, because it'd be impossible for me to visit them all in 24 hours, and I wouldn't leave my wife and kid's side in this moment.

As for a way to die? peacefully, if possible... and amongst my closest.

I'm not religious, so I probably wouldn't go that way, although I've seen that people always turn to religion in difficult times, so I can't say for sure.

I would take all my money, and set out to do all the things that scared me.

Such as I would go skydiving (pay extra just to skip the lessons.)
I would go rock climbing
heck even flying is on the list (wow goes along with skydiving Razz)

And after all that, I would take a plane and go kamacazi in Iraq. Way to go out, and be Patriotic!
Wait and Relax. Really don't know what should I do at that time.
If I have no girlfriend then - asking a girl I like if she loved me - if not, I can still kill myself Very Happy
Just joking, it would be both cruel if she would say yes (so her boyfriend dies one day later, great) of if she would say no (sick freak killing himself because of her).

So seriously:
When I would have one day left to live, I would probably say goodbye to my loved ones and sit on the shore, watching the sun coming down the beautiful sky and melt into the calm sea.
I wouldn't manage to do totally great things in 24 hours and my loved ones are important to me, of course.
The usual. I would cut off a few belly buttons and suffocate people I do not like in the wound before they are sent to Hell. *evil laugh*

No, seriously.
I would do nothing...Except for one thing, say "goodbye, I'll be waiting for you" to my family. What else?

All in all, this is the last day of our lives.
If you would do something different because you are dying, do yourself a favour and do it now.
lol i'd probably be the one that loots and riots and does just about anything he's always wanted to do :p I wouldn't hurt anyone, but i certainly wouldn't obey a lot of the laws in place today haha. Honestly i'd go for like the plasma tv's, but i'm sure everyone would go for that item first so i probably wouldn't be strong enough to get it away from everyone else. Though i bet the plasma tv's would break before anyone could get away with them, just thinking about all the fighting over it would probably destroy it.

I'm not a family person so i wouldn't be the guy that tries to spend his last hours with family :p i might spend a few hours with them, but 90% of the time left i would be doing whatever i wanted to do. There might even be a small chance that i'd just sit here cause i'm so dang lazy! LMAO
i will probably find same carers for my accounts on all the games i play, afdter that i will have like one hour left, i will say goodbye to my brother, and then im gonna sleep ._.
Rob a bank just to see if i could get away with it Smile
I'd tell everyone I know, just because it's probably worse if it comes out of the blue. Then I'd probably drive home and stay with my family and pets. Maybe go bowling, we don't do that enough.
I f I know i would die soon then in that one day I will try to kill all the corrupt people who are eating countries and its peoples progress.
I guess I would spend the little time I had by getting all my affair in order. Get everything organise and make sure that the love one that I leave behind will be taken care off emotionally and financially. For us knowing that we just had 24 hours is easy. No need to worry much but the one that will stay behind will have to deal with all the mess that we left.

If we really do love our love one, we should ensure that they are okay after we left. We should not think about ourselves as we do not have anything else to worry...
Travel the world on the seven seas...

Sorry, bad rock song Very Happy

Hmmm, I'd probably go see lots of shows/movies since buying anything would be totally pointless.
I wouldn't manage to do much fun the last 24 hours. I would probably wait for it to happen. I don't think I fun things are important anymore. If my family knows I gonna die I will probably have to be with them. If they don't know I would not tell them. It's best that way. Maybe leave a note. Perhaps I would buy some candy to eat. I never eat such things anymore but in the last day it doesn't matter.
I prefer not being aware of that... and live a normal day!
If I new I had only 24 hours left to live I'd email/phone all my friends and family who I couldn't be with and say goodbye.

Then spend the day with my wife, daughter, dog and cat's and just enjoy with them the time I had left.
24 hours to live...
I would:

  • Throw my computer out of the window just for fun
  • Go tell few people things I always wanted to tell them
  • Steal some stuff
  • Enjoy them
  • at the end of the day stand atop of a tall building
  • and maybe throw myself down...

It's really hard to tell what I would do, for the first few hours I'd probably would try to think if there's anything I could do to stop this or delay and when I would have been completely sure, I would do the points stated above...
Keran wrote:

and maybe throw myself down...

Hopefully whoever told you you have a day to live wasn't mistaken... (Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?)

this is something similar to my post
what would you do if you have only 60 mins to live?

well for me as i have already said i would love to do all thing i love... meet all my loved one's i mean every possible thing i can do.

and Please.....

do visit my blog and post a comment there.
I quote "house md":
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Maybe regret having done superficial things most of my life, but that's what most of us do....

Ooops. time for a psychotherapy Smile

I would go jogging and search interior peace.
I would spend them all with my immediate family. That's a short and rather boring answer, but it's true.
I would probably say hello to all people I love, sit in the car and drive around, and do some things i was affraid to do, couse I will die in 24 hours, a few hours less or more means nothing, but it means a lot if you try everything.
You would see me as I am now. Doing stupid things. Running into burning buildings, Sky diving, swim acrose something big (river or lake) I wouldn't mind flying. I would also want to spend some time with my parents and the rest of my family. Then right before that time is up i would go out and start doing something i love. For example riding a quad or something. Then i would have my life complete. I would die what i love doing.
Agent ME
I'd talk with my friends a last time, punch the people I hate, then drive around really fast illegally. With loud music to get my adrenaline going.

When I get bored of that... hang with friends, punch people I hate some more, do all the stupid stuff I've wanted to do since I'm not going to see anyone again soon like act like an idiot in a public place or race carts inside a supermarket (and knock over stuff from aisles). Hit people I hate with carts too.

Drive a car into a supermarket... be priceless just to get people's reactions. And accelerate at people I hate to freak them out. Then die right in front of them while doing something dangerous that they feel like they could've prevented to make them guilt-ridden.

I notice I say a bunch of stuff about people I don't like... not in the best mood now.
I would figure out why I had 24 hours to live and do everything in my power to stop it, cause I think death is never an alternative.
write my will..

hhaha... as if i have the wealth to distribute..

maybe i will cry out loud till death comes..
In 24 hours all of you couldn't talk to everybody you wanted. Nevertheless, there's no need to cry. Wink You can use, a useful web service.

For many people, the worst thing about dying is that you'll never get to see your loved ones again, or eat another steak, or gaze upon another sunrise. For others, however, it's that you never got to tell your boss he was a prat.

Enter in just a few clicks, you can save a message that will only be sent to it's intended recipient if you die.
I would not think so much and I would kill myself if I know that.
^You were going to die anyway, right? :'(
I would spend all my money and visit the places I always wanted to visit in my country. Then just before I die I would go to church to pray and just die...
If I had one day to live..
I would probably go to ally my friends and warn them.
Then I would tell all the people i really care about, I love them.
I would probably do all the fun things i really wanted to do in my life..
well as many of them as i could.
like ski dive, budgie jump etc.

but i really hope i do not die,
for a while since im only sixteen..
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