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Google Talk Beta

Google Talk is a lightweight Jabber-based instant messaging client with voice capabilities. Google Talk is easy and intuitive to use. All you need to make free calls is an Internet connection, a microphone, and a speaker. After you download Google Talk, sign in with your Gmail username and password. Invite your friends to download Google Talk, and once they do, you'll be able to talk or IM with them instantly.

Google Talk currently does not encrypt chats or calls. When you use Google Talk, you can choose to have your IM chats stored locally on your own computer so that you have a chat history. Google does not collect the content of instant message chats or voice conversations.

Latest Changes:
* Minor fixes

whos already using google talk here ?
add me pls Embarassed

Download here
the *something* makes it bold

and smileys are blue

this basically a direct assault at MSN's im system, so this will remain the realm of techies, until they come up with something REALLY good
Well that's how it is with the major players.
There's Yahoo, MSN Search, Google.
There's Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, GMail.
So it's pretty natural that with Yahoo Messenger and MSN .. Google Talk appears.

I think next to pop up would be a Yahoo World Map/Satellite system, seeing as there's Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth already.
I love google and everything it has come up with. But isn't this a less powered , less featured version of yahoo, or msn?

The only difference is that google explains how to access it through a different client.

It's the one thing google hasn't done well.
Well, i guess the all-important word is the "Beta"... they're going to introduce newer features every once in a while, and release it when they think they've got the best deal.

Howeverm I think the whole GMail deal turned out to be a big farce... everyone I know is already using it... now, when they do open it for public registration, they'll already have loads of members, and the new users won't get the usernames of their choice.
good software

but don't forget "it is a BETA"
onur wrote:
good software

but don't forget "it is a BETA"

Almost everthing Google make it BETA. GMail has already been so long, and it is still a beta email provider. I think it is to protect themselves, because if there are any serious bugs, they could say it is BETA version.
What the heck u guys dont see the official thread.

The mod who made that official thread posted in here too Shocked

tidruG Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Apologies... anywhere here's the rightful thread:
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