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Pigeon Racing... Anyone?

How about pigeon racing? anyone here play this sport?
During our ancient times,Chinese people like this kind of sports,still now,there are many amateurs to conduct pigeon racies.
But,i just like to have a look at these racing.......
And,i heard that the racing pigeons are very very expensive Razz
My uncle dose, he has about 200 of them and takes part in professional events. He has won many times, I personally do not find it interesting because it involves feeding the birds, lots of cleaning up, very time consuming.
Pigeon racing bagan life I gather as lots of working mans "sports" through keeping animals as pets and then developed from there. Similarly dog racing developed from ownsers testing there own pet against their neighbours. This was also the origins of horse racing. Pigeon racing has become quite sofisticated, to try and eliminate cheeting etc with racing rings placed on the bird, which is used in the racing clock when the bird returns to log the time it took the pigeon to cover the distance from release to its loft. Calculations are then made between birds of different l;ofts to see whose bird has won. Birds have been sold for reasonably large sume(for pigeons that is), and quite a few birds(according to the stories) have been shot down asa they would not come down of their own accord.
Pigeon racing? I am having a tough time trying to picture it in my mind. I wonder how its like...
A site says that it is the second most popular sport in Portugal. Surprised
Pigeon racing was popular in ancient times.I think time when pigeon was used as a postman,during kingdoms.Now i dont think anyone is interested in that race because of different animal rescue organizations. Wink Wink
so, how does pigeon racing work? do you just throw a few birds out of a cage? and how exactly do you know who's won. this sounds pretty cool, regardless
The pigeons used in this sport receive special vitamins and have even pedigree!
in puducherry, india there s a pigeon race.. mre at +91*9843169496
yupeng wrote:
During our ancient times,Chinese people like this kind of sports,still now,there are many amateurs to conduct pigeon racies.
But,i just like to have a look at these racing.......
And,i heard that the racing pigeons are very very expensive Razz
so, what happens?
This sounds very interesting Smile I couldn't realize that these things happen in real world too Smile Maybe animal activist will be against pidgeon races in most of western countries, or so I guess.
Actually as a Pigeon fancier we take care of our pigeons very well, we give them food, vitamins and if they are sick we go to vets. or we administer some medicines for them if minor problem occur. The only problem in pigeon racing is that when people see some pigeon land on their roof and some airgun are available, they will try to shoot it. I tell you guys, pigeons no matter how hungry they are due to long flight the will always come home. If nobody does that(shooting birds) all pigeon will come back to their individual loft. thanx.
haha, i had no idea this was an actual event, let along a sport
bro, try googling it about pigeon racing, once your know some information. You will like it.
Do you really mean racing with actual pigeons? As in the bird?
Wow, if so, that sounds really amazing. I must say, I really learn a lot by reading on the Frihost forums, about things I have never ever heard of.
Yes real birds hehe. Pigeons are very intelligent in the sense of spotting their homing grounds. They have an astonishing sense of keeping track of things from the air by land marks and canals/rivers etc. Basically the participants train their pigeons to fly from far places back home. The special thing about Pigeons is that they can fly very very high in the air as compared to other birds. I am not quiet sure what is the science behind that but they are capable of flying so high that you can not sometime spot them with naked eye. This gives them the advantage of looking at a very large part of ground and they can spot lines and trends from land marks to fly back home, sometimes from 100's of miles away. Of course there is a limit to how far they can fly. I would not expect a Pigeon to return to Pakistan from England Smile.

The races wins are normally based on the ability of a bird to fly home, the time taken and sometimes route taken too. Who ever gets back first wins the race. It is a very popular sport and the bird keeps care for their birds very well. It is a shame it is not very well know sport Smile.
You are right! actually a pigeon can fly as fast as 1500 meters per minute. There are some says about 1800 meters per minute. But here in our club, the common speed for our pigeon are 1300+ that is a distance of 300KM over the sea. Take note it's not on land but over the sea which a wind and the weather can change in a matter of 20minutes.
Anyone care to share there experiences with pigeon racing. ...
yeah ide love to know more about this because Ive heard of carrier pigeons but never racing pigeons
Hello everyone, I just wanna share my experience with this 2009 season, I have receive prize like trophy and Cash well, I can post here my standings,

on our South Race
2nd Lap - Third Place
OverAll- First Overall Champion

on our North Race
1st Lap - 2nd Place
- 3rd Place

2nd Lap - 2nd Place
- 3rd Place

3rd Lap - 1st Place

overAll - First Overall Champion
- 2nd Overall
- 3rd Overall
- 4th Overall
- 6th Overall
- 8th Overall
-10th Overall

You might want to check our site. it's
Just wanna keep the posts up so that other members will know this kind of game. Try and yoy musy enjoy.
How about pigeon racing? anyone here play this sport?
I'm afraid of pidgeons. Had a phobia since I was 7. They are pretty nasty.
^^^^^^^^^^ yeep first time ive ever heard it too....the lady next to my farm raises carrier pigeons tho..dont know if the two are related
every pigeons are related they came from one ancestors Columbia Livia. and all of them has the ability to home. it's a great sports and hobby.
also here in the Philippines have that kind of racing pigeons !!!
anywhere in the Philippines you can find that one!!!
natural predators do all the hunting of pidgeons thats necessary here
Well I really never heard about pigeon racing. Do people actually get paid for this?
I don't know, I just don't find how one could have fun with this. Also seems a bit cruel.
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