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Sleep Apnea

Just wondered if anyone else suffered from this condition and what experiences they have had dealing with it.

I had sleep problems for upwards of 20 years without any diagnosis. I would snore at insane levels. Fall asleep during the day continuously. Feel consistently knackered when I 'woke up' in the morning. I had surgery to fix snoring which acheived nothing. Eventually, last year, I went to my doctor for a referral to a sleep clinic. The doctor wouldn't bevieve me when I told him I was exhibiting all of the characteristics of sleep apnea. The doctor said, in his words, "you couldn't possibly have it because your not overweight and its a subject I specialise in." Refusing this diagnosis I pressed and pressed the doctor for a referral to find out for sure. Basically I refused to leave his room till he referred me =)
The upshot was I was referred to the sleep clinic for a sleep study. They gave me different bits of kit to go home and sleep with (no none of it was inflatable :p)
After I returned to the hospital the consultant turned to me and said "I'm sorry..."
Turns out I had what they termed 'Hypo-severe Sleep Apnea' with 74.6 episodes per hour lasting between 15 - 90 seconds at a time. The upshot was I ended up with CPAP treatment (which I love BTW) and feel 'normal-ish' now.

Wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. Particuarly with doctors auto-diagnosing and showing an unwillingness to refer patients for adequate treatment.

I had it when i was a little kid... I no longer have it.
it was terrible I'd be sleeping and all the sudden someone would wake me up and i'd be gasping for air from not breathing in my sleep.
it's something awful to deal with.
I wish you luck dealing with this.
I fought my doctor for over a year over my severe back pain. It was so severe I couldn't even walk. I had already had extensive treatment, including surgery a few years earlier, and was pretty sure it was a relapse. My doctor refused to refer me to my consultant, even when I was in hospital. He had already made up his mind what the diagnosis was. He ordered me a wheelchair and kept me pumped full of painkillers.

To cut a long story short, my husband reached the point where he couldn't bear to see me in so much pain anymore. He carried me to the car and drove me to our nearest A&E. They couldn't do anything that day because it was neither accident or what they considered and emergency, but I was given an appointment for the following day. I was seen by a consultant who admitted me and a couple of days later I was having surgery.

I've since learnt that he had decided I had M.S. I'm now disabled, not with MS but with Arachnoiditis. He retired soon after this, so at least he couldn't mis-diagnose anyone else. I never got any compensation, but at least I've got a great doctor now.
The problem with some doctors is they think they're god.
I do not really have problems with sleeping, but I know a lot of people that have! That is just horrible! I really need my sleep and I would be shocked if I couldnt sleep for some reason..
Coclus wrote:
I do not really have problems with sleeping, but I know a lot of people that have! That is just horrible! I really need my sleep and I would be shocked if I couldnt sleep for some reason..

Not being able to sleep is just horrible. I used to get by on about 3 hours a night before my doctors sorted out a combination of pills which worked. I still wake up loads of times through the night but I can usually get back to sleep ok. When I can't I listen to relaxation music and wake up with an earphone jammed in my ear .... painful!!
I had it happen last night Shocked I haven't had it happen in a long time. I hope I'm not getting it again. Sad
I am not an expert, however have read quite a bit about the subject. My condition is not as severe, however I do have problems with regular sleeping. An interesting article I read recently had to do with exposure to light. Apparently getting out in daylight during the daylight hours is very important for the body to shut down at night. Someone also wrote a book about how human beings have been designed to fall asleep after the sun has gone down. However, that with electricity and lights, we are completely on artificial timing. Some people relate OK to this, but there are people who are sensitive and suffering from sleep deprivation as a result. Almost similar cause for people who suffer from depression during the winter season when there is less light to go around. So if you cannot get out, possibly try to get a light box going to simulate day light. Very important to have the room complete dark, well ventilated, without any electronic equipment in it. Peaceful environment.

Other studies are linked to improvements to diet. Such as importance of magnesium in the diet. Not eating heavy meals at night, common sense things. Also people who exercise at night may find difficulty to sleep.
Deanhills, you make some very good points. We are designed to get up with the sun, and go to bed with it. When you think about it, this makes sense as this has been the norm for humans for so many thousands of years.

There are a lot of things we can do to prepare for sleep. We all know about a warm bath, relaxing essential oils and a warm milky drink. We should avoid anything stimulating, like watching tv just before bed, which so many people do. I heard someone say we shouldn't watch the news before sleep because there are so many depressing things in it. Another thing which we should avoid, but again, many people do, is to read a book before, or in bed, although I don't think that's as bad as watching TV, as TV stimulates more of our senses than books do. I've got meditation music on one of my mp3 players and I listen to it in bed if I can't sleep. The only problem is I sleep on my side so wake up with a painful ear from the earpiece. Meditation can also help with sleep.

I have SAD, seasonal affected disorder, commonly known as the winter blues. I take my dog for a walk every day which helps, I also make sure the roon I'm in is well lit. I also find it helpful having a clean, tidy house. It's been proven that a messy house can cause depression.
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