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Who have many websites - just curious

Who has many websites, can you give me a general idea how is it possible? I have only one and it takes a lot of time to select information, illustrations, select the better story line, actually write, edit and so on (aquarium hobby related). No time for another one at all.

What makes it possible:
- different type of website, like based on self expression and fast typing,
- different software, speeding the process,
- different format, like php instead of html with css,
- just work faster?

No offense meant with my assumptions, really. Just curious, how is it possible for some to make and maintain ten websites, while my one takes all the time.
I have two blogs that I maintain fairly regularly, but I know people who write for more quite a lot.

I think it is a combination of all the factors that you mentioned, as well as the fact that if you don't dedicate all your time to one project you can do quite a lot of other projects.
It's easy to have many websites but harder to keep the quality. If you only have one website you have more time to add new content to that one than if you have ten other. Also if the website is based much on the visitors content (like youtube or a forum) it is much easier because you don't need to do everything yourself.

Pick Website that need little time each day to maintain

Also Plan ahead and test you webpages as you do them or you will have a lot to redo
For Example when I finish I fogot a line of code and had to go back and add it to the 100+ pages
And I have to do a lot of web digging for each of pages, same with photos (thousands of them) and keep up with updates - all this for one website Laughing .
Thank you all, keep adding your information, its really interesting.
Im in mid writing of just one site trying for quality but atm im trying to improve my coding skills as I intend to write some gmes
I have created many blogs using Blogspot but the one that I maintain regularly is, which is self-hosted and runs on Wordresss. I've got to agree, its difficult maintaining many blogs at once. But people like Tom from StandoutBlogger have many blogs that they maintain regularly.
I have a norwegian blog. I update it whenever I have the time and inspiration. My regular readers (not so many, I think) subscribe to the RSS, so they know when I update. It can take a month between posts (I'm a bit ashamed, but I do not want to post posts like "I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while..." or "today I ate meatballs for dinner, it was really yammi...").
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