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file encryption problems...please help if you can

I'm not sure if there is actually a solution to this problem, but I figure it's worth asking.

So I moved files from a PC with Windows XP onto an external harddrive, this computer has since been formatted and pawned. Now the files are encrypted with no site of EFS or NTFS keys of any sort(I've been looking around for what's wrong with the files but I'm unfamiliar with the terms and how it works.) When trying to move the files onto my laptop (Vista) it says I do not have administrator privledges and cannot move them. I tried this with User Account Control on and off, I tried unchecking the "read only" property, I tried changing the security settings so I had full control, but it constantly goes back to "read only" The files won't open, delete, move, anything. The file name is also in green...I'm not sure what that means.

That's the situation so my question is: Does anyone have any idea if there is a way to decrypt files without the EFS/NTFS/keys etc?

PS ElcomSoft's "Advanced EFS Data Recovery" program did not find any keys in ANY of the drives either on my computer or the external drive.
to decrypt:

get another XP machine, create an account with exact user name and password with the old PC, and you should be able to access it.


use Advanced EFS Data Recovery. also, do this on XP machine, any username as long as it's an administrator will do.

to move to vista after decyrpt:

right click, take ownership.
badai wrote:
to decrypt:

get another XP machine, create an account with exact user name and password with the old PC, and you should be able to access it.

That normally will not work as even though the accounts have the same credentials, the decryption keys are going to be different.

In the future REMEMBER You are only having this problem because file encryption is doing it's job. The whole point of file encryption is so that files cannot be read, moved or decrypted without that key, if you lose the key, normally you lose your files too.

The green text means they are encrypted files. You cant change attributes on the files because you've told the computer "don't let anyone touch these files without this key' then you lost the key.

I dont think it is possible to get the files back now, since the key or certificate isnt backed up, everything that I have read says the same thing.

Why you must back up your certificates
Because there is no way to recover data that has been encrypted with a corrupted or missing certificate, it is critical that you back up the certificates and store them in a secure location
send it to Microsoft?
maybe they can decrypt your data Razz

lame suggestion tough *_*...
Go to the drive, Right click and choose Properties.

Go to the Security Tab.

Change the ownership of the files to the current administrator.

After that you should be able to access those files.
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