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good kinda of speakers

i think that JBL's are good bc there trustworthy and look pretty nice and seem to push it very well
Im guessing you have never heard of the phasing issue with older JBL drivers then.
Basically, the designers decided that instead of a positive voltage on the red terminal pushing the speaker cone outward (as with conventional drivers) they decided that it should pull it inward. Of course, people got used to this and soon learned to wire JBL drivers in reverse phase. In about 1995 (i think thats the year) JBL decided to switch to the conventional system, which confused a lot of people as very few people can tell which are the older drivers and which are the newer ones, as well as if they have been modified to suit the old JBL idea or the standard.
Atleast thats my understanding of it. The situation was explained to me while re-carpeting speaker cabnets, so the solvents we were using may have affected my recollection somewhat.

JBL are a waste of time, use RCFs instead.
Most of the top manufacturers use RCF drivers - even mackie who use RCF 12"s in their SRM450s.
wow. didn't knew about that.
i've heard m-audio speakers are really good too.
The Mitchell
nah mackie alesis are the 2 main home studio brands id say. Behringers truths are ok but very bass heavy. good if your writing tunes for a rig but not good for pro monitoring. Also tapco are made by mackie and ive heard good things. theres plenty out there. basically id say spend at least 120 odd on your speakers otherwise theyll prob be pretty crap.
i wonder if u have ever heard of the brand 'creative'

its not bad actually.. good quality speakers they have.. wide range too..

and of cos, its affordable for those who wants good speakers at a reasonable price..
Dynaudio bm5a's here... they do the job, can't complain, I drive em good and they're always crystal clear.
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