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More GTA IV Multiplayer Modes Revealed

News!! Laughing

April 11, 2008 - Recently, IGN played four of the more than a dozen multiplayer modes: GTA Race, Cops N Crooks, Team Deathmatch, and Hangman's NOOSE. On the official GTA IV website, Rockstar has unveiled four more modes. There will be five total team modes, all of which allow up to 16 players to go at it online. There are only two racing modes. The number of cooperative modes and competitive free-for-all modes are still a mystery.

Here are Rockstar's descriptions of the newly revealed modes:

Team Mafiya Work (2-8 teams)
You're a member of a crew doing contract work for the mafiya -- including such plum gigs as escorting wanted men, picking up MacGuffins and stealing cars. Work as a team to complete contracts before the time period ends and get the rewards. You'll probably want to do your best to scupper the other crew's work as well. Each contract you complete gives your team cash, and the crew with the most cash at the end of the round wins.

Navigating the streets of Liberty City is a key to success in multiplayer.

Team Car Jack City (2-8 teams)
Cars spawn parked around the map and the teams must steal them and take them to a drop off point. The cash teams get for dropping off stolen vehicles depends on their condition -- teams get less cash the more damaged they are. The exception to this are special bonus cars, stuffed with drugs, which give a set amount of cash on delivery no matter how damaged they are. Your crew has to get hold of whatever vehicles the boss wants. Whichever crew makes the most money wins. Simple.

Turf War (2 teams)
A timed capture-the-base mode. There are a number of bases around the map that you have to take by standing on them for a short period of time. The more players that are on a base, the faster it can be captured. The more bases that your team owns, the faster your team's cash score increases. If the rival gang is on or near a base, you won't be able to take control of it -- so do what you can to try and... displace them. The team with the most cash at the end of the round wins.

Hop in the back of an armored vehicle and you can take out pursuing vehicles.

Race (no teams)
Race to the finish through each checkpoint in order. If you take a wrong turn or mess up in some way, you can respawn your vehicle on the last checkpoint you passed. There is a large section of races for cars, boats, and helicopters -- you can choose laps and vehicle class/type. This mode has two sub-modes: Free Race and Cannonball Run.

Free Race are point-to-point races. First one to reach the end point wins. Cannonball Run are races where you have to traverse several checkpoints any way you can.
Sounds awesome, let's hope Rockstar will try to put in some innovative mp modes, these do seem like a good step towards it. I wonder if any of these will be as popular as normal deathmatch or something like that...
I never knew GTA was online sweet

GTA multiplayer

over 2 weeks hells brake open..

mee with 3 friends online on GTA.. and im sure.. nobody is alive after that moment
Cops N Crooks? There was a San Andreas: Multiplayer mode named Cops and Robbers.
Anyways the Turf War sounds interesting, with base assault and all that. When I was playing San Andreas: Multiplayer there was a server where you could make your own gang and you had to capture a werehouse to make money and get weapons and all gangs were attacking there. It was sweet, felt like a real gang war.
This has got to be awesome... now let's just wait for the PC edition, shall we? Smile
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