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I'm a Designer Looking for Even more Expierence!

Ghost Rider103
Hey guys, I have been graphic designing for a couple of years now, and am looking to get even more expierenced in it.

I like to do a lot of big projects, like starting up a new website idea, and actually following through with it.

I have done a lot of projects for people, but I usually just whip up a template in photoshop, along with all the graphic things needed to go with it, like logos, banners, nav buttons, etc... But I want to actually make one, and then see it be developed, and help out in maintating it.

So here is my idea, I want to put toghter a couple of people, and start *our* own project. I want to get atleast two people interested in this idea, and atleast one of them need to know a decent ammount of coding, since I know a little, but could no way code my own template on my own, and would need a coder to do so.

I can design the entire template on my own in photoshop, and can even slice it if the coder needs me to do so. However another graphic designer would also be ok to be apart of this project.

On the idea of the project, well it would be up to whoever wants to take part in this. I don't really have any ideas, so you can throw some ideas at me so we can start off of something. Though I would like it to have some type of community, like a forum.

Like I said, I would like atleast two people willing to help out in this project before started, so you people who have some ideas in a website, lets hear them and maybe we can try it out.

I will also throw in as much Frih$ as I can to whoever helps out, since I don't use them for anything else. I will divide them up evenly with the people that are willing to help.

So let me know if you have any ideas, or if you would like to take part in this project.
Pm Me, I'm starting a social networking type site.
Ghost Rider103
Ok PM sent.

I just need some details on what it is your doing, and what you are going to need me for.

I could maybe help you a bit Wink
Ghost Rider103
What could you help with?

And do you have any ideas we could base this project off of?
Nevermind, after thinking about it twice I am already doing enought of projects Razz

But I could surely help you with the design a bit, you are surely better than me but two designers are better than one! (I am actually working on this template)
Ghost Rider103
haha ok no problem.

If I need any help, I will send you a PM.
Ghost Rider103
Well, me and Rvec were talking about it in the IRC channel, and we came up with a good idea to base it on the site.

We are thinking about making a website, for Graphic Designers, and Coders/Programmers. It would be like a myspace type thing, but for graphic artist and programmers to display their work and get feedback on it.

I have a few ideas in mind for a name:
Pixel Develop
Let me know which you like best.

Or if you have anymore ideas on names, please let me know.

I still need another person or two to help out with this website, and remeber I am giving away ALL of my Frih$ to whoever helps out, and will divide them up evenly.

I currently have possibly two graphic designers, myself and Urban, and one coder, Rvec. I would like one more coder before this thing gets started.
Oh and by the way, I wouldn't do it for Frih$ so keep them for someone else Wink
We are thinking about making a website, for Graphic Designers, and Coders/Programmers. It would be like a myspace type thing, but for graphic artist and programmers to display their work and get feedback on it.

I am interesting in but I cannot quaranty all my time. I need to work for money, too.

i can code the layout, but i can't make these things like myspace Razz

but i am able to code the layout Very Happy (also depends on how complex it is)
Ghost Rider103
Ok, thanks for volunteering for helping out.

I will probably start on a desgin this Friday night, and finish by Sunday or Monday.

There is still room for other people to help out.
I have a design job for u..ghostrida.not sure if u wanna do it..
Ghost Rider103
Send me a PM with the details, and i'll get back to you this weekend wether or not I will have time.

I finially got busy with designing, but I finish quick sometimes, so send me a PM with details please.
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