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Two XP on a Computer. How to remove one ?

I was trying to repair my XP, then suddenly my notebook rebooted itself because of low power I think, it's an Acer TravelMate 2420 btw, so when it restrated itself it downloaded the second XP. I didnot want to interrupt I tought it was repairing.

All these happened while I was trying to get Administrator password of the pc, anyone can help ?
Could you please clarify the situation a little?

I gather the situation was as follows:
You have a laptop with Windows XP installed. You were trying to repair the existing installation using either the XP CD or possibly the backup partition (if your laptop came with XP installed) with the intent of clearing the Administrator password (I take it you didn't have the admin password and needed to get into the admin account?). The machine crashed and reset (either due to overheating or power failure) and subsequently booted to an installation of XP that didn't look like the original.

If this is the case, then you might have installed a new copy of XP onto the laptop without erasing the original XP. The other possibility is that you overwrote the original XP installation and either repaired/reinstalled XP from either the XP CD or the backup partition.

If you didn't overwrite the original installation, try rebooting the laptop. Press F8 the moment before Windows starts to boot. A menu should come up. If there are two XP installations listed, then you can try to boot to the original by selecting it from the menu (I think it would be the second one on the list - new installations usually add themselves to the top of the boot list). If you can boot and log into any account other than Guest on the original XP, try using the MMC Users and Groups snap-in to clear the administrator password (if the account permissions support it, this can be accessed by going to Run and typing MMC; once the program opens, select "Add/Remove Snap-In" from the menu and add "Users and Groups". Once that's added into MMC, right-click on the Administrator account and select Set Password).

If you did overwrite the original installation.... well, I'm not sure there's much that can be done if you had files you wanted to save. It depends on what happened.

I hope that helps.
if it is for one "ghost", dummy xp installed, ie without the files exists but it gave you the option to boot from either one, then you can remove the dummy one from the boot configuration file, just right click on my computer, look for startup and recovery and there should be file there that you can edit.
MeddlingMonk, I forgot the admin password, and had no other user account to log on pc, so I tried an old trick, inserted the XP cd, and started to repair the existing XP, then I could use the "NUSRMGR.CPL" command. But the laptop shut down suddenly, prolly because of the overheat, so it started to re-install XP, anyway.

Now I need to remove the new XP copy.

Thanks for the replies guys.

csoftdev, yer right but fixing that text document won't uninstall the dummy copy, only it won't start with the startup.

And I still can't get to my documents and files on ADMINISTRATOR, prolly I open a new copy of XP, and I want to go back to the old one.

Hope you guys can help =)
Da Rossa
What about reformatting the whole thing and installing a new fresh copy of XP?
I'm guessing you have a Windows1 folder as well as Windows.

In which case, you have chosen to install a fresh copy of Windows in the same partition as the original one. If this is the case, it should be safe enough to delete Windows1, if you are logged into Windows.

However, the fact that when trying to repair Windows, the installer/recovery console did not detect the existing install of Windows on the machine suggest to me that the old version of windows (Windows folder) has become corrupt, possible an issue with the ntfs.sys file. In which case I would take Da Rossa's advice and reformat the hard drive and install a fresh copy.

If you choose to do this, don't forget to backup any important files, and make a record of any licence keys for software you may have downloaded and installed. You may have e-mails with these on, so maybe print them off if you do, or make a note of them somewhere.
well if I could log on to my account I would do that but there's now way I can reach my folders n documents and thas why I can't formate it. But I will try Hiren's Boot.

Da Rossa wrote:
What about reformatting the whole thing and installing a new fresh copy of XP?

I gotta second this; boot into your original partition, copy any important files onto a thumb drive or a CD, and just start over.
yea but I can't get to see my files and important documents. If I could copy them into another drive, you think I would post this thread ?
You're only option then as I see it is:

1. Purchase a new hard disk for the machine. Doesn't have to be a huge one.
2. Install it as your Master drive in the machine, switching the current one to slave.
3. Boot to CD and install a new copy of XP on the new hard drive.
4. You can then access all your files on the old disk as a second drive in your "new" machine, (most probably D or E drive).
If you want easily backup your files, you could also use the Knoppix Live CD, a linux environment that doesn't touch your filesystem. It will allow you to safely and quite easily backup your files.

You can download it here

paskall wrote:
I can't get to see my files and important documents.

Btw with cannot see you mean that there are 0 files in your "C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\My Documents" folder or that the folder is not accessible?
it's not accesibble
I think the live CD will work out ;)
the live CD ? what?
if the live cd did not work then i suggest you try another live cd such as ubuntu 7.10 or 8.04. but it knoppix should work since that OS is exactly for that purpose as far as recovery goes. It's all automated everything. In ubuntu u will have to mount the drive by hand.
well guys, I solved the problem, I somehow tried a password and it worked,I found it, thanks for all the posts and your interest and helps.

Admins can lock this topic or delete it. Thanks again.
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