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IS making a web site to earn money a good idea?

i ask this because it cost about $100 a year to host and other $50 for a domain name that 150 right there and just to make that up you'd have to make at least $12-$14 dollars a month for a year just to brake even.

what do you think and what do you do to make money oneline?
free hosting from frihost?

.com domain costs 50 a years.

I wouldn't reccomend making a site to make money without a really good idea, I'd advise to make a website as a hobby, and then if it makes money on the side, all the better!
Hey why are you worried about web hosting(web space) when Frihost is there and domain name you get very cheaply.About your question, Site making and maintaining is a good job.You can create something useful stuff on the website,where people will make use of your website for their needs.Then you can put advertises on your site and get money.Keep in mind famous websites ...Orkut Smile
and ofcourse you became famous if you have ur own website.
Making a website of your own is always a good idea. but if you start it keeping only money in mind then you might end nowhere . It is better to start it as a hobby and keep collecting data base which might be useful to you and most importantly to other people.expecting immediate returns will be foolish and also demoralising...............
50$ for a domain for one year,i think that it is very very expensive.....
And i think that ,if you have enough time and a good idea,it is easy for you to earn money via website.
Especially,when you are skilled with web site program languages.....such as php or jsp or asp.....
About the hostig......i think that frihost is your first chioce if you are newbie to website moeny making.
50GBP seems very expensive for a domain. There are many great sites to pick up .com domains for under $10. I use GoDaddy, but I wouldn't recommend them.

I hear DomainSite is good if you're interesting in domains.
It sounds a bit overpriced. The whole question here is: how good is your idea. If you have a genuine good idea the money will start rolling in, almost regardless what your domain name is... so you could even use frihost. However if the idea is crap, you won;t earn money no matter how good the name. So focus on the idea, see if it appeals than start worrying about domain names!
Well it totally depends on what you are selling. In my case, I'm still planning to sell ebook that contains my personal experience in FOREX trading. At the moment, I'm going to use bannerless free hosting with parked domain name. Its cheaper as we only need to pay for the domain name (less than USD10 p.a.).
You are totally wrong, you don't need to buy a web hosting account with such money if you won't have that much traffic. Just buy a domain or you can just get a free one to a forum, but I can't mention the name of this forum, which costs 5 to 10 dollars per year. How do you earn?

This is a good question to do. If you rely on Google which pays 0.001$ per impression and not sure how much on clicks of their ads, imagine if you create a website about photoshop tutorials and make 1 million visitor on a month you could make 1000$ and pay 100$ for web hosting.

I have seen a site like an online scripting/html/xml/css learning school who made over 80 million visitor per month with approx 320 000$ earnings. Making money online is possible but hard. You need to work hard. I am making a website now about this topic but I am still installing scripts, gathering content and finding reliable web hosting.
If you have extra time you don't have much to lose creating your website.
You can have frihost and then your cost per year can be $10 a year. I guess that in the worst case you can afford to lose 0ne dollar a month no?
And then if it works well, you can move on with more professional solutions.
But to create a site you need to have a good idea, or you need to offer good services.
If you ook around many of them seem to go under on a regular basis. I lost a bunch of files recently cause one of my web hosters went under. If you want ot do this you should really stduy up, be prepared and know what your doing otherwise I predect you not be happy with the results
You can find cheaper domains than that! What I would recommend to you is this: use free resources (like Frihost) until you get your site up and running. Then once it's up and going good, you can switch it over to a better hosting/domain plan.
I totally agree with Afaceinthematrix, that's very good advice.
Just do it if you got a smart and interesting, promising idea.
what is 12 dollar a month.. i drink in one evening over 20 on beer..

the cost of a website is realy low. if u where a big race fan that cost money (keeping cars update)

when u build a website to get rich, good luck, dont do it

if u build the website to have fun, learn and maybe get the cost out of it.. go for it

if u realy need money, go get a real jop. to create a website u need a week, to create a good website with fan-base u need over 1 year
It's allways a good ideea to make money online.

Everybody told you you need a good ideea to start and they are right. First you need to check other websites that make money to see what it is about and then after you have a clue you can start look for a much cheaper domain than you said.

By the way where you've found that price for a domain? I guess everyone here would like to know who is selling domains for that price? It's way to expensive.

So to get to the point : You can make money online (lots of it) but you have to start smart and you just need to find more cheaper ways to start.
making money should always take a backseat to your websites design. sites designed to make money often don't because they usually have too mayn ads or no free services
$100 a year to host and other $50 for a domain name that 150 right there

Get a free host that allow you to put ads on your page -$100
Get a free subdomain from -$50
Total cost = $0 and you still can make that 10-12 $ a month
Learn a lot from here, I really want to make money from the internet and now I have a chinese website already, but everything is still at first stage, wish everything will come well, although I do it after work.
I kinda want to do the same, But i'm just concerned about the money i would lose if i failed to gain members and stuff.
I'm thinking of doing it though, Probably like a forum or something.
the-guide wrote:
I totally agree with Afaceinthematrix, that's very good advice.
steering away from the financial aspect of having a website, you would also have to consider that most people in the world nowadays tend to log on to their computers and buy their goods online. Instead of going to the store, it is more convenient for more people to buy online. So having a website to market your goods would be a very good option
unless u have some good content to puton web i dont think its a good idea
Money is too hard to make online unless you can make the next Facebook, YouTube etc.
Google Ads are too difficult to make large sums of money from.
Yeah unless you have a brilliant idea and dedication your better off just getting a job to make money.
But I think you can try to write a book, but write content for a site is more easy. Also many host providers allows in 1 button push install an CMS.
A Website is a tool, not an end in itself. First you need to want to start a business and have a firm idea of what you want to do. For businesses that focus on information, or interaction with its customers a Website would be a good tool to use. An example would be a Website on body building. You need of course to be a bodybuilder and know what you are writing about. Then you can use a Website for giving more information and sell materials through your Website, such as binders full of tips what to do, etc. It would usually be a combination of free information, and using the free information to get people to buy your products online.

Like any other business it would be a good idea to do marketing tests in advance and have a business plan in place.
you need a fundemental business which lends itself well to websites.... i had the misfortune (or fortune) to goto a web seminar where these guys are 'supposed' to be makng millions from sites (which is preobably right) but they have cornered the cmarket, they own so much online real estate that unless your business has offline presence; your online presence is shot %%%%%.

I am a marketer and own 2 offline businesses - both have online presence and would not surivve without it.. but fundementally i am a sensible offline business whose presence is enhanced by the net,... people and especially shoppers are now more dubious than ever; and who wouldn;t be....

it is irrelivant that there are so many 'bad egg' businesses selling rubbish... the things you should worry about are the sheer bnumber of 'excellent' businesses worldwide selling your products and (unfortuntely) how easy it is to buy worldwide and get delivered within similar timescales as localised businesses..

in short... business are easy to start... all you need is an idea and proactive views on things... but having one that stands the test of time, means you need to integrate yourself into your market and buyers heads... be part of their daily routine.... thats why so many people fgail .. is because they think you justhave an idea and advertise..... its further from the truth.... there are so many bad ideas that are successful because people are sold to the daily ritual (diets etc) - these things have no scientific merit - no real proof it works, yet we buy into it, because it fits with our lifestyle... find out what makes you customers tick (not you but your customers) -
and just to finish off...

if anyone knows anything about visual basic programming, let me know as I am in need of a couple of buts of freelance
$50 for domain???!

Buy $10 reseller account for 12 months = $120 per year. $8 for domain. Total: $128/year

Provide free hosting in return of ads on websites, and you can earn more than $128 per year. I did.

But it's not as easy it sounds. You still need to work on your site design/advertising/managing, etc.
themit wrote:
Money is too hard to make online unless you can make the next Facebook, YouTube etc.
Google Ads are too difficult to make large sums of money from.

Youtube doesn't actually make any money; they're still trying to think of a way to do so.
First off, $50 for a domain? That's insane. You can get $10 domain good for a year.

Building a website doesn't mean that you'll earn money. Your site has to have content and be marketed/promoted well. You can have banner ads, like Google's. But if it's an e-commerce site, where you'll be selling stuff, of course you'll earn when people buy your products. Though, the amount you'll earn will depend on how good your products are and how popular your site is.
I seriously think it is not a good idea unless you are going to stick at it for a few good years and then you MIGHT make some good money.
I'm counting on it, organic vegan mushroom's ftw.

Also the web hosting thing sounds interesting, I'm glad I'm here to learn. Smile
well what i would say is , try cpa. You can easily make $150 in 2-3 weeks. You can also find alot of info

on the net. I have not started to use cpa, but I'm going to I'm just looking for the best network and im

still adding contest on my website. I hope this helped answer you.

I will post how cpa worked our for me. Thanx

no that is a pretty wrong idea.I have a blog and it costs me only $10 per annum, 15 tops.
And earning from a blog is a worse headache. You can try but it needs a lot and believe me, a lot of patience before you earn your even first dollar. But once you get a good start, theres no stopping after that.
I think it would be a great idea. As long as what you are selling is popular.
Depends completely on how proficient you are at driving traffic to your website. I've tried this in the past and it didn't work to well for me. Everyone is different, though, and you may have a lot of success with it. I'm just saying that after all the time spent writing and posting enough content required for your site to generate enough traffic, it's not worth it. A $1.00 google adsense hit once a day just doesn't pay the bills (or any!). Laughing
What were you selling?
SBCBC33 wrote:
Depends completely on how proficient you are at driving traffic to your website.
That is important, but I think even more important is passion for a service that is in demand by people who are available on the Internet, and easy access to that service including payment and delivery. Smile
Like computer parts/Grocery shopping?/Unmentionables... i think.
manlear wrote:
Like computer parts/Grocery shopping?/Unmentionables... i think.
Right, but it has to be a niche market, i.e. computer parts that are not readily available at the corner store, special parts, or delicatessen or something that is difficult to get ... Smile
Like special foods such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries or something.
manlear wrote:
Like special foods such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries or something.
That sounds great, but possibly with a special delivery service and packaging for gifts. Excellent idea Smile
The delivery part is whats going to be costly.
lagoon wrote:
themit wrote:
Money is too hard to make online unless you can make the next Facebook, YouTube etc.
Google Ads are too difficult to make large sums of money from.

Youtube doesn't actually make any money; they're still trying to think of a way to do so.

Facebook does. And i don't know how. All i know is the guy that made it is like the youngest millionare in the world or something.
don't you think you over estimated the cost of having a website

hosting),free ones, there are tons of good ones

domain name) my .com costs $14 a year, that cost is easily covered

just have good content and people will come and there will be a bit of money but don't expect much
Don't expect it to hit off right away. If it's good. The word spreads slowly. What you do is go to all the forums you can possibly find and post your website on google and things.
mtsbuild wrote:
and just to finish off...

if anyone knows anything about visual basic programming, let me know as I am in need of a couple of buts of freelance

i know visual basic programming ... Smile
.com's aren't all that expensive. it depends on where you get it from. If frihost doesn't have enough space or bandwidth for your needs, I'm sure you can also find other hosts that are much cheaper than 150 a year. There's bound to be some somewhere.

as for making them for money? It all depends on your own skill in business. If you can make or find a product or service to sell, or maybe just something catch that will attract people to your site. I'm makin 5 dollars a year just off ad's (lol). All I do is a blog though. I haven't had the time to dig into any web scripting fun that has grand potential for money. Designing websites isn't a bad idea though. If you have a creative mind, paitiance, and the scripting knowledge, you can make a fair salary off web design.
yea there are plenty of sites that offers domains for cheap for a year. the highest i paid for a domain was 14 or 15 dollars, only because i hosted my own site. for the mean time, if your gonna make a site to make money, have an idea about something that will attract alot of visitors. thats the money.
It all depends on the business plan. If you have a creative idea for a website that can be easily monetized then it might be worth it. However, the opposite can also be true. My advice is that sometimes its better to start an idea for a website that you want to make money from on a smaller scale than planned. For instance, you might want to use a subdomain instead of a domain name when you first start your website. You then might want to invest in your website and develop it more and more as it becomes more successful. That way there's less risk for loosing your original investment. Smile
I think websites are just like any other business - some hit it really big, like Google or Facebook or Twitter, a lot putter along, and a bet a whole lot more fail entirely as a business endeavor. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, as they say.
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