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Can I return to undeleted account?

Hey there. I had a hosting account on server 1 a few months ago, - about two or three months ago I had my hosting account deleted (upon request). Up top of this page it says Hosted: No like it should, and also as you can see my points do not get reset to 45 each day. This is all normal since I did request for my hosting to get deleted (I had no further use for it).

The thing is, is still online. Also, my cPanel is active, all Fantastico installations are still there, etc. and I am still able to easily log in. Now, I feel that I want my hosting back, and before I make a hosting request (yes I want the same acwiki domain), I want to ask, can I just return to this account since it hasn't technically been deleted, and a mod can just edit my account settings to say I'm hosted, instead of going through the whole waiting process? Thanks.

To sum it up:

I had hosting before. I requested for it to be deleted; on Frihost, my details say I am no longer hosted, but my site and cPanel, two months later, are still online. I want to return to hosting and the same domain, so I'm asking if I should just keep using that account or will someone delete it, forcing me to make a new request?

I just talked to tidruG and he thinks it's possible. If an admin doesn't look at this thread and help you soon you should PM Bondings, tidruG or Bockman (I'd suggest one of the latter 2 as Bondings doesn't reply a lot of PMs lately).
Hm. Okay, my site and cPanel just went offline, but my FTP still works (I just uploaded some forum files). This means...?

EDIT: Okay, everything just came back online.
I've made my forum.. - and people are joining. Since an admin hasn't seen this yet, I'll PM Bockman and tidruG.
HalfBloodPrince wrote:
I've made my forum.. - and people are joining. Since an admin hasn't seen this yet, I'll PM Bockman and tidruG.

I just sorted your situation out. sorry for the delay, but I was unable to get here the past 2 days.

I'm glad to see you got your activity back and hope you manage to keep it.

Be Well Cool

[Edit by self] On another note, about the Forums folder and wiki not working all that great (this would be normal I guess, considering the the wiki's M.O. of searching for stuff through the "/whatever" adding to the url), I noticed you have created the subdomain . Just use that one as it's working fine.
Thanks Very Happy
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