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Vista. Interactive Services

Please help me get rid of this error... it drives me crazy.
i clicked show the message and there wasn't a message or anything.
The error is saying that Internet Explorer is not fuly compatible with Vista... Confused Thats propably some Microsoft logic thinking.... Did you run MS Update lately? Maybe that solves the problem...

I have it setup to update automatically.
I don't understand how internet explorer could be incompatible with vista Shocked it came with vista.
way to go Microsoft.. Rolling Eyes
I looked in MSconfig for something maybe running that I could stop.
I don't even use internet explorer. I use firefox.
I like you(A) Firefox Rulez Cool

A friend of mine once said: 'The day Microsoft will make something that doesn't suck, is the day the'll start making vacuum cleaners' And once again it proves to be right...

I run Vista myself and I leard one thing not to mess with is the svhost process (the one thats causing your error) Did the error just came out of nowhere (Vista style Cool) or did it happen after you installed something or changed somthing (in msconfig for example)? And what message is given if you press the show message button?


the error came out of nowhere... it's been on here for a long time and i can't get rid of it.
I haven't touched the process.
I wish there was a simple downgrade to XP that had the same new features as vista.
like the cascade effect. and the glass effect.
but that wont happen.
go to and download the latest version this is freeware and a great program, do a full clean of your system including registry, reboot and see how it goes then.

Also ensure that you are using a good antimalware program such as a squared full version, and disable windows defender.
Thanks... =] I'm testing it now.
i'll tell you how it went.
That error is still here Sad
but WOW... that freed up a LOT of space... check it out.
CLEANING COMPLETE - (25.288 secs)
1,111.8MB removed.

that's crazy. Shocked

please help me get rid of this annoyance.
Have a read of this link.

It might help you shed some light on what is happening.
Thanks.... I checked it in the task manager i have like so many of those running. Confused
I'm going to do what this says and hope it works.
=( it's not working i'll keep messing with it..
If worse comes to worse you can do what everyone else does, Save what you want and Format! that is always fun or you can pay someone to fix it, but I like to format cause it seems to speed up my comuter and clean out all the things i have not deleted and do not want!
You can turn off Interactive Services through services. Go to start menu then in the search box type services and hit enter. Services should start up. Scroll down until you see "Interactive Service Detection". Right click it and hit properties. The default should be set on manual; however change that to disabled. Click ok and close services. Restart. Tell me how everything goes after.

Note that this operation turns off Interactive Services completely which is not recommended. I suggest this as an temporary solution until a proper fix can be found; using programs such as ccleaner (as suggested before) and/or Tune Up utilities. I suggest doing a full virus scan; whether it be an online free scanner or some updated AV. If that fails to detect anything, I suggest you use hijackthis and post the log here or a computer support forums; a little bit of googling will help you find out what those programs mentioned are.

Please do this at your own discretion. I will not be held liable for your actions and whatever outcome your computer may face.
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