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Online Poker

Ghost Rider103
Hey guys, I just recently got back into playing free online poker, and am having a pretty good time. I just thought it would be good to have some friends that play poker a lot online. I think it would be good to get in a room with a few buddies that want to play some good poker.

I play at and

If any of you want to play some games anytime let me know.
which is better fulltilt or pokerstars or is there any difference? good idea though to perhaps get a group playing
teko wrote:
which is better fulltilt or pokerstars or is there any difference? good idea though to perhaps get a group playing

what do u want todo?

-learn to poker
-play with real money
-play with fake money

the most pokergames are the same, u can all play poker and ppl cant cheat.

i play most the time on partypoker. its good for mee

this is mine 500 post
well I think the only way to play is to play for real money, playing for fake money is a joke as people are going all in on every hand. I know how to play Iīd just like to get better. I guess my question was more to do with the playin experience on each site, and if playing for money which is the easiest to lodge money or to withdraw your winning! Very Happy
I play on Swedens poker site - - they have the lowest 'tabletax' in the world.
n you have rooms for 5, 2, 10.
thats interesting to hear, stupid question would you need to understand swedish to use the sit? I guess I can just check it out and see for myself! Thanks for the hint anyway
Hi there,

Lately I've been playing PKR, which is also another Poker Online client. It is quite interesting and u cant even get the chance to play in a real tournament. Its also quite interesting because it has a small part of MMO since u create your char and are able to interact with the other chars in the game.

Stay Cool.
Ghost Rider103
I personally perfer fulltilt, it just looks like a lot cleaner program to me, and is really easy to navigate.

I havn't been playing it much lately now, I have gotten kind of busy with graphics at the moment.

But hopefully I will soon, my name on Fulltilt is WH BlackHawk is anyone wants to play sometime.
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