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Pectus Carinatum/Excavation

I have Pectus Carinatum. I was wondering if anyone else here had Pectus Carinatum or Pectus Excavation. Pectus Carinatum occurs in around 1:400 people and Pectus Excavation occurs in 1:150 to 1:1000 children.

I was curious to know if anyone else had a Pectus deformity and if they could suggest an easy way to hide it, and if they've got any tips at all.

Its been bothering me for years.
I have never heard of this until now. I did a quick search and it seems if you want to treat it, other than surgery, you could use a chest brace. It is baiscly a chest plate that pushes against your sternum and straps around your back to hold it in place. This only helps if you haven't fully matured and are still growing though.

If you want more details about it check it out here and you could possibly talk to a doctor about going that route:
Thanks for the information. Although the chest brace seems a little creepy, I appreciate the information greatly.
hey i have pectus carinatum. i dont know how severe it is because i have never been to a doctor about it. but the center of my chest sticks out further then both my left and right pecs and its a bone so im sure this is what i have. ive heard of braces to get or surgery but i dont want either. luckily, and im only a 14 year old, but i found a girl that doesnt even care about it. she doesnt mind that i have it at all. she still loves me for who i am. Smile but anyways, the only thing i recommend doing, which is what im starting to do, is work out your pecs. find out as many pec workouts as you can and start doing them. push yourself and dont slack. that should build up your muscle and your pecs will grow and it will cover it up if not completely, then mostly. sorry man, i know how it feels. you're probably embarrassed to take off your shirt even, so am i so your not alone.
I have the case of a pectum birth defect in which my chest sinks in. For years i have never wanted to take my shirt off, and Im a slim guy to begin with. I went through alot of things from kids. They always asked whats wrong with your chest or what happend...I allways thought I was diffrent, but Iam 17 now and I am feeling the anxiety of my chest on my lungs and because pectus excavatum can effect your lung capacity I am looking into having surgery done. I will not allow this to hold me back from being at my top limits. You people with a pectus deformity shouldnt either.
wow i really have to give credit to all you people who are dealing with this situation to this day. it is really amazing how u kno to kep on goin nd thats how it shuld be. u r strong:) And im glad i found this because now i wanted to ask a questi0on about my bro. He's 7 and has been diagnosed with the same thing and i wanna kno what i can do now to help him and prevent it from getting out of hand in the future. I mean will he be ok? i BELEIVE he will but i need a reasurment. Please anyone who can tell me anything i will gladly apreciate it. Thank you.
You should get a brace for him as soon as possible. I found out I had pectus carinatum when I was twelve, and I got a brace for it. I'm now 17 and it has helped a lot. It helps to push the bone back into place. After that all he has to do is do chest workouts when he is old enough. He will be fine! If you want to look at a great guy for getting a brace, I got mine from him, go to Hope this helps!
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