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Look at my drum solo video!


Now before people speak the obvious, I'll do it for you Smile.

1. I know parts of it are sloppy
2. Most of it is stuff I haven't 'mastered' yet
3. It's not musical. I know that. I prefer playing music to soloing, TRUST ME.
4. It was recorded on a Nokia E65. I'm sorry for the peaking rimshots! But the rest of the quality was quite surprisingly good.

Anyway, enjoy!
Its not perfect, but its really well done. Much better than I could have done but thats not saying much because I could never coordinate all four limbs well enough to play drums well. Considering what it was filmed on, it was surprisingly good quality.
Never say never!

Do you play drums? If so, there's always hope :p. I can't really tell by your comment if you're a drummer or not, but if you are, and to anyone else, I can say this:

Three and Four-way independence isn't HARD, it's just time consuming. The same with everything else in drumming.

If it doesn't work, slow it down. If it still doesn't work, slow it down again. If it still doesn't work, try adding bits and pieces one at a time.

ALWAYS practise stuff as a long-term exercise, eg. It's better to practise 1 page per day of a 5 page 'theme', than to try and cram all 5 pages into one day and never touch them again.

One of the things I'm working on at the moment is applying a linear pattern with my hands on top of different bassdrum patterns. I'm using the linear patterns out of Gary Chaffee's Sticking Patterns with my hands, and the bassdrum patterns in the 16th note rock beat section of Chris Brien's Progressive Rhythms. Chris Brien's book has 18 pages, each containing I think 18 different foot patterns. So that means it'll take me 18 practise sessions to complete those 18 pages using just ONE particular linear hand pattern, I think start again with a different one - I just completed doing it with an inward paradiddle on the hands (RllrLrrlRllrLrrl) and have started on a reverse paradiddle (RrlrLlrlRrlrLlrl). So this whole theme is going to keep me busy for a LONG time, so you can imagine how solid my bassdrum work is going to be!

I also practise EVERYTHING I do right-handed, left-handed (open-handed), right and left footed, so that I cover everything from all angles.
David_Pardy wrote:
Do you play drums? If so, there's always hope :p.

Ha no, I play guitar but not drums. My brother is learning how to play drums though so I'll keep those tips in mind if he needs help.
I wish I could do that, I can barely drum my hands on my desk lol.
You have a lot of potential, I'm not just saying that either! My only advice would be to keep up the interesting rhythms, but try to make them more consistent; sometimes I got a tiny feeling that you were very slightly out of time. But again, that was brilliant! Very interesting beat... did you write it yourself?
As a fellow drummer, I think that you have great wrist movements Very Happy
Keep up the good work!
j0yfuln0is3 wrote:
You have a lot of potential, I'm not just saying that either! My only advice would be to keep up the interesting rhythms, but try to make them more consistent; sometimes I got a tiny feeling that you were very slightly out of time. But again, that was brilliant! Very interesting beat... did you write it yourself?

I daresay I did get out of time at some points Smile.

Do you mean that 4-way independence beat? or a different one? The four-way pattern is:

Left foot plays a 2-3 son clave (..o.o...o..o..o.)
Right foot plays a standard latin bassdrum pattern (o..oo..oo..oo..o)
Right hand plays 3 sixteenth notes (
Left hand plays a Samba patterns (o.o.oo.o.oo.oo.o)

I have actually nailed the pattern and can play it on cue now. I haven't worked on it much though, but I'm working on using a 2-3 rhumba clave (..o.o...o..o...o) which is a little tricky.

The way you build up to play four different patterns - one on each limb - is to work on two of the patterns at at time, so you work on RH + LH, RH + LF, RH + RF, LH + LF, LH + RF, and RF + LF, and then you do the same with three of the patterns - RH + LH + RF, RH + LH + LF, etc... and then you VERY SLOWLY work on getting all four patterns going at once.

Chris Brien quite truthfully has said that "Independence is not difficult, it's just time consuming". If you look up Chris Brien on Youtube you'll find my inspiration for that pattern - he is a genius of four-way independence.
It's not that bad.
My sister plays for almost 5 years of percussion(everything xylophone and stuff), and she can't de halve of what you do so cheer up; your not a stupid noob as i am when i try and hit something ( somethimes someone if my sister comes to close).

But hey whatever its all about the music.

I agree with many others who have already posted. Basically, I think it was good. You show alot of potential. The sound quality is surprisingly good for the equipment you said you were using. So, either that equipment is better than I thought, or you did a good job fixing it up in a sound program. I have recorded drums before, and they can be a pain to get them to sound right. It can be difficult to get them to even sound decent sometimes depending on what type of drums are used.

Anyway, like I said, it was good. I personally enjoyed it. And it's definitely better than anything I could put together - mostly because I don't play drums - but I have seen others better than you. Keep practicing and who knows? Maybe you will be the next Danny Carey.
Danny Carey isn't that much of a stretch :p although he certainly is a great drummer and I am not dissing him by any means Wink.

But thanks for the compliments Very Happy

I'm personally striving to follow in the footsteps of guys like Pete Drummond, Chris Brien, Derek Roddy, Jason Rullo and Gavin Harrison. I would say they're my favourite sounding drummers Wink.

Although I'm starting to enjoy playing along with a few selected Dream Theater songs, Mike Portnoy's drumming becomes a lot more interesting and enjoyable when you pick the right tunes to practise to.
I like your You-Tube video.

You made the same page as Dave Weckl.

Another favourite of mine is Buddy Rich. I play a lot of Big Band Jazz and he's the master when it comes to Big Band (I know there are others, but none as prolific).
I play with some Big Band drummers who have the exact same kit and setup as Buddy Rich had, they also do 5-minute solos during Big Band gigs and it takes a lot of skill to Solo properly and continuously without repeating yourself and in front of a 16-piece band who know if you are doing it right or not.

I'm playing music since I was 8 years old. I'm 40 now and I'm thankful that I never gave up. When everything else in your life seems boring or depressing you will always have your music.

Keep up the good work.
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